treating Loose motion

imageLoose motion in gastroenteritis is a common problem in the developing world 🌍.  However, both common man and health care professionals at various instances fail to take proper steps to both prevention and treatment of this problem.

A good knowledge, attitude and initiative can help manage this problem. Sudden onset loose motion in a apparently healthy individual consisting primarily of watery content with no blood or mucus are generally due viral origin. Loose motion due to infections occur due to some sort of contamination of food or water or improper hand washing before meals. Once such a loose motion episode sets in one should immediately seek help from health professionals.

In instances when a health care service is not immediately accessible due to some cause, it’s wise to start oral rehydration solution popularly known by certain people as ORS or electrolytes.

ORS help us to maintain the fluid and electrolyte balance of our body by replenishing the fluid lost during loose motion. ORS may be taken for every bout loose motion.

If ORS is taken in appropriate volume from the beginning of loose motion, it’s less likely that one will be severely depleted of body water and electrolyte and requirement for administration of intravenous fluids will shrink.

ORS is recommended treatment by various health organizations around the world 🌍 . However, intravenous fluids  might be needed in situations where the affected individual is unable to drink by mouth due to some cause like lethargy, weakness, excessive vomiting etc.

One wrong practice made by many people is to self medicate by antibiotics like metronidazole or ciprofloxacin.

It’s wise to consult a doctor and only then take such antibiotics, because no drug is free of side effects and injudicious use of antibiotics can give rise to resistance.