Should we take pain killers for sudden onset pain in tummy?

Should we take pain killers for sudden onset pain in tummy (belly or abdomen) on our own? Almost every individual has at least one episode of pain in tummy. One big question that arise in many people’s mind is if they can take pain killers for such pain in tummy.

The answer of this query is as following –

It’s unwise to take pain killers for pain in tummy as there are very few conditions where a tummy pain requires self administration of pain killers for sudden onset pain abdomen.

Certain conditions like sudden onset pain abdomen might be of some help in colicky pain due to stone in kidney or urine passing pathway. But such cases are generally diagnosed by a doctor at a previous instance and the doctor might have advised of pain medications for similar sudden colicky pain in abdomen.

Sudden onset pain in tummy is an important symptom that warns us about a possible underlying disease process or pathology. So if we take pain killers this vital symptom might get masked and a person might not seek medical care in time. Such events can have grave health consequences.

Let us try to explain the issue with the following example- Suppose someone is having pain in abdomen due to appendicitis and the person self medicates and alleviates the pain and don’t seek medical health in time. Many possible consequences are possible, one important is called burst appendicitis, in which the inflamed appendix might rupture and cause a general infection or inflammation of peritoneum known as peritonitis. And the latter condition can deteriorate the health rapidly by various mechanisms and can be enough fatal to cause death even.

The above is a rough example sketched by the author to explain the seriousness of using pain killers with out consulting a doctor in cases of sudden onset pain abdomen. Many other similar grave consequences are possible. Therefore, it’s wise to consult a medical doctor for a sudden onset pain in abdomen.