Why WordPress likes not reflecting in the stats?

If you are new in blogging world with WordPress, you might be astonished to find that you are not getting less number of views or visitors in stats section in comparison to the number of likes you are getting.

It may happen that you received 30 likes in  a day but only 2 or 3 views at your stats section on the same day.

How does such happens?

There are 2 possibilities:

One is that, may be that your readers of WordPress community are reading your blog from the readers section and they are not landing to your blog page directly for some reason (they may not feel interested to leave the reader’s page).

A reader can like or comment to a post directly from the reader’s section and this don’t get reflected at your stats. Your stats will reflect only when someone visits your blog page directly but not through the reader

Second possibility is (according to this author’s opinion based on 2-3 years experience with WordPress) to popularize one’s own blog or website, the promotional bloggers of companies or brands or individual businessman might keep liking others posts. They do so simply to come into notice of other bloggers.

This practice is probably more common with blogs dealing with health and fitness related stuff. They promote various health solutions and one most commonly encountered is weight loss related blogs and websites. When you get such a like you will probably take a look into their blog or website, which suffices their purpose.

During initial days of blogging these ‘likes’ we receive might give a feeling of warmth that so many people appreciated the post. But if you scan bit vigilantly you may find that you are actually receiving false or spam likes who are not interested in your content but want to draw your attention to their blog or website.

Liking don’t really require much effort, simply using the WordPress readers section one can like hundreds of posts in minutes. Rather, constructive meaningful comments are trustworthy, they need little bit of effort and articulation of thought, which can show true interest of your reader.

Blogging is all about people and spammers should not be welcomed.

Have a nice day. Enjoy blogging!