Why do the testicles of male hang outside their body?

If you are a male did you ever wonder why god kept the testicles (or testis) outside your body, hanging in a pouch or sac like thing called scrotum.

Obviously that outside hanging position makes them vulnerable to injuries when hit accidentally or kicked by someone deliberately, as frequently seen in movies and also in real life.

What would have happened if god had kept these two male ornaments inside the frame of the main male body rather than hanging outside?

Testicles are responsible for producing sperms. Human body temperature is much higher than what is required for sperm production and sperm survival. Therefore, if testicles were inside male’s body he would have been impotent because of defective or no sperm production. Since the testicles hang outside male’s body it’s not affected by the body heat directly and the air circulating around the scrotum keeps the testicles cooler, in comparison to the temperature of the body. This ambient temperature maintenance system allows sperm’s formation and survival. Sperm formation is also referred as spermatogenesis.

This same logic explains why tight underwear of male are discouraged? Tight underwear’s bring the testicles close to the body which raises the temperature inside to scrotum and testicles might find it unsuitable for spermatogenesis.

Another interesting phenomenon is the testicles moving closer or away from body due to variation of environmental temperature. At cold winters males testicles are drawn near to the body to protect sperms from the harsh cold, here they use body temperature to protect sperms from the cold.

That’s all for this edition in sex topic.


3 thoughts on “Why do the testicles of male hang outside their body?”

  1. Hello Doctor saha
    I had a question I couldn’t find the answer anywhere!
    Q: Does it affect the production of testosterone by testicles if someone set them inside the body by surgical action (on purpose)?


    1. It would decrease the functions of testicles because the raised body temp of our body wouldn’t allow its normal functioning. Moreover, the likelihood of cancer increases.

      Postscript: This blog is not for medical advises, hence please consult your doctor or other reliable authentic resources for all queries related to your health


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