Weight loss: Who should loss weight?

DSC_2309If you are tired of staying positively motivated to loss weight and follow good diet and lifestyle this post is probably for you.

First of all you should be sure of if you really need to loss weight. In this era many people are obsessed with the thought of skinny look and try to loss weight even if their weight is less than required normal.

Body mass index or BMI in short is a good tool to know if your weight is normal or underweight or overweight etc. A consultation with a doctor is helpful to be sure of if you really require weight loss.

If you are extremely fat you might be labeled as ‘morbidly obese’ by your doctor and in that case he may recommend weight loss surgeries for you.

Certain people might have certain medical causes of obesity like low level of thyroid hormone production in the body or usage of certain medications that increase body weight. In such scenarios too a doctors help is mandatory, to take care of the cause of obesity. If a medicine is making you obese, you doctor may up look for an alternative medicine which will not increase your body weight.

If you don’t have any serious medical or surgical problem but having unhealthy lifestyle which is contributing to your weight gain, you may try with these series of posts to boost your motivation.

This author believes, a good positive motivation is the first step to achieve the target of weight loss.

In the upcoming posts we will discuss various things we can do to stay in shape like diet, exercises etc.