Does everyone switch off their mobile phones during flight take-offs?

In the recent times airline industries have expanded across the globe and even in economically weaker nations. One thing that concerns many or most flyers across the globe is the safety during the flight. The on-board safety instruction which we are discussing here is about switching-off of electronic devices during take-off and landing.

Once electronic devices like mobile phones and laptops were not allowed to be carried with the passengers on-board and passengers had to put it in the luggage section. However, in the recent time most of the airlines allow to carry them with the passengers, however these devices have to switched off before take-off. Here is where the problem lies, some of the passengers are reluctant to follow the instruction of the crew and keep their mobile devices on during the entire duration of flight. Since these passengers might have completed their previous journeys safely without switching of their electronic devices, they might take the on-board crew’s instruction lightly. This author too found some of the passengers attempting to fool the on-board aircraft crew by just switching of the light of their mobile phone instead of switching it off totally, as it’s not possible for the crew to check each and every person’s mobile phone to see if it is really switched off or not.

This author is not aware, how serious is these issue of switching-off of electronic devices is safety wise, however it causes distress in many passengers who prefer to follow the safety instructions of the aircraft crew. Safety conscious passengers can find it frightening or shocking to find fellow passengers not switching of their electronic devices during take-off.

Henceforth, airline companies and governments should solve these issue to conclude how safe or unsafe is it to have electronic devices switched on, on-board. Ultimately talking on mobile phone during flight is not allowed, so what is the point of allowing mobile phone on board, or is it allowed for running your favourite smartphone apps and games. This author feels that all sort of electronic devices that can be potentially harmful for the aircraft should not be allowed during a flight, with the passengers, instead they can be carried in the luggage compartment.

If switching on electronic devices like mobile phones are truly hazardous during take-off of an aircraft (as it is said to interfere with the signalling system of the aircraft), requests by crew on board is not enough, since everyone can’t follow requests like a good citizen, therefore strict laws are required. Otherwise it only creates confusion to them who switch it off for safety reasons.