Is it always necessary to give antibiotic to children for fever?

One of the most common problem a family doctor might get in his clinic is children presenting with fever.

Parents are quite anxious when children get fever and are confused many a times when their doctor don’t prescribe antibiotics for the fever 🚸.

Yes antibiotics may be needed for treatment of fever but not always.

Most flues are common cold and are generally due to viral illness. Viral infections are not treated with antibiotics unless the illness gets complicated by a bacterial infection.

Most common colds due to viruses require no antibiotics and are frequently managed by giving medicines to reduce the symptoms for headache, fever, bodyache, cough etc. Viral flu generally stays for 7-10 days and then gradually wanes of and mostly don’t require an antibiotic.

But at certain times a fever may not be of viral origin and can require intensive medical attention, usage of antibiotics etc. It might not be an easy task for a common man to assess severity of the illness, therefore a consultation with a doctor at onset of fever is the best thing to do.