Chest pain

imageWho is not afraid of a heart attack? Probably everyone fears a heart attack. Heart attack commonly presents with chest pain. However, not every chest pain is a heart attack.

Chest pain can be due to various causes. Some of the common causes are as below –

Acidity due to reflux of stomach acids can cause a severe chest pain mimicking a heart attack.

An injury to the chest can also cause chest pain. Similarly a sprain in chest wall muscles can also cause a chest pain. Generally, in this type of pains pressing or gentle tapping of the painful area causes the pain. This is a common tool used by health care professionals to differentiate muscular chest pain from cardiac (ie heart related ) chest pain.

Next, in the list is chest pain due to lung infections. For example,  pneumonia.

Finally, is emotional stress. A bad news can present with pain in chest. But that is not the entire story. Even in the above scenarios a real heart attack pain may coexist.

So, it’s wise not to take chest pain symptoms lightly, and get evaluated by a health care professional.

To make a diagnosis of heart attack your doctor will probably require few investigations like EKG (ecg ), various cardiac enzyme levels etc.

One interesting thing which is worth mentioning is that a heart attack can occur even with out a chest pain. Such happens sometimes in those suffering from diabetes.