Two step verification of your email accounts via mobile phone- how helpful is it?

The two step authentication process of user accounts are becoming quite popular in the web world since the introduction of threats of various type of account hacks like email, social networking etc.

But is it really safe? Well as long as you are the only person who has the access to your mobile phone it’s probably safe. Some backup codes are also provided by the website companies as backup in case you loose your mobile phone. This codes must be hidden in a secret place in web or paper and also you should remember where you are hiding them.

This is two step authentication might be of worth for email accounts but probably of not much use when using blogs, because they can dull your user experience when you have to make any changes in your user setting or you want to sign in from another device. Every time you need your mobile phone for making very minute changes in your blog. If you have multiple SIM cards and have to travel a lot you might feel pathetically bored if your SIM card is in bag or in another phone which is not there readily available at your phone.

So in my opinion choose a two step authentication based on your purpose and how much secrecy do you want to ascertain toy your user accounts.

Well here is a suggestion from my end, which you may think of trying if find it ok. Get a new email id, don’t share it with any one, use it only for registering your various email, social networking, blogging accounts, and keep strong password for all your accounts. If you wish you may use two step authentication for this new email id. As long as this new email id is safe probably all accounts related to it will be safe because all password recoveries will be through that new email id.

Hope this above clip of experience of the author helps you to decide better if to choose two step authentications via mobile or not.

Wish you a safe and nice browsing experience!