How washing cloths by hands can be more beneficial than by a washing machine?

Which is a better way to wash clothes – by hands or by a washing machine?

Well both have its pros and cons but these author feels a combination of both is an ideal.

Washing using hands can be beneficial in many ways, if you know how to do it scientifically.

Firstly, when cloths are washed by hands it avoids the extra burden of space required for keeping a washing machine at home and cuts electricity requirement. However now a days washing machine companies are putting efforts to make energy efficient washing machines of different sizes and capacities.

Water requirement in hand washed can be much less if used in a perfect manner.

Washing machines many a times are blamed for damaging the color and texture of the fabric (which may also be due to usage of inappropriate amount of or quality of detergent or due to improper selection of the mode of washing like slow, fast etc.). Such problems can be optimized by cleaning garments manually with appropriate usage of detergent.

Next we will try to discuss how can we wash cloths by our hands effectively with positive results in terms of washing and health:

  1. Manual washing of cloths engages you to some amount of physical activity and that’s definitely a benefit in today’s sedentary type lifestyle.

  2. Try to wash your cloths regularly. This will allow you to wear clean cloths. It’s probably better than keeping cloths stored for the entire week or month and then washing in one go in a washing machine since it increases the number of your cloth requirement. In addition to that sweaty cloths when kept for long time unwashed, may invite bacteria and fungus to grow in it which may not be properly removed while washing, since you are not sterilizing you cloths but simply washing them.

  3. Frequent washing can decrease the requirement of the total amount of detergent requirement for a month. You will generally not need a lot of detergent if you have washed your cloths 3-4 days back.

  4. Washing of undergarments and socks daily is also a hygienic practice. For such undergarments washing machines are to huge mostly and our hands are the best tool.

  5. You really don’t need to wriggle the cloths to wash by hand and can avoid stress and injury to your hands. If you are washing cloths regularly in frequent intervals you may simply dip cloths in the small amount of detergent water and allow 10 -15 minutes to soak. Following this fiddle the cloths gently in the bucket for 30 seconds or up to a minute and then take it and put it on the tap head or something like that. Then allow the water to fall off on its own for about 30 seconds. Again fill the bucket with clean water and rinse the cloth for another half a minute and may repeat the process for 2-3 times. Your cloths must be washed by now. Therefore, by keeping cloths on tap head and allowing it to dehydrate, you avoided wriggling.

  6. The benefit of using less amount of detergent is that it can be washed away properly and little or no remnant of it will be there to hurt your skin. Since detergent are chemicals they can cause skin problems.

  7. Once properly rinsed in clean water, just hang them properly from a rope and use hangers when appropriate. The remaining water will fall on its own and it will dry up. Cloths that are hanged without wriggling from a hanger retain lot of its ironed texture and many a times you may find it usable without repeat ironing or just a mild press may be needed.

Despite the benefits of washing cloths by hands as cited above, there are certain instances when a washing machine may be a better option. Washing machine is beneficial for washing clothes that are too heavy and tiring for your back muscles like curtains, bedsheets etc. You may give these sort of things in a washing machine or to commercial washing services.

Furthermore, washing machine might be helpful if you have some health problem that restricts you from doing the act of washing by hand like problem of spine, wrist etc. And obviously, if you are too busy to curtail some amount of time to wash your cloths washing machine might be your best domestic servant.

Be careful if you have small babies or children or pets at home they many a times accidentally get into a washing machine and may risk their lives. So be aware of that, many such incidents are reported and you can find by a doing some search on the internet.

So, that’s all in this edition from resonance of life. Stay tuned!