Does exposure to cold causes common cold?

Many a times, we find that if we don’t take proper protection from cold, we might catch a flu and have runny nose and fever for about a week. That means we can get a viral due to cold sometimes.

“Getting exposure to cold means getting a cold” – is not the rule, if it was so then 99% of the inhabitants of the cold weather nations should have got flu 24*7 and 365 days. However, that don’t happen. Cold weather don’t necessarily mean you will get a ‘common cold’, a dirty viral illness which can spoil your new year celebrations.

Then how is cold associated with common cold. You can get cold, no matter you live in warm or cold climate. When your body is not protected properly from the harshness of severe weather or when you are exposed to situations above your tolerance duration like a bath in ice cool water for more time than you can really tolerate or staying in wet cloth for long hours, allowing your body heat to evaporate fast. Such cold exposures which don’t help to maintain you core body temperature, disturbs the way your immune system defend your body from common cold. So the temporary weakening or malfunction of immune system due to decreased body temperature will fail to protect the body from viruses that can cause common cold. Hence it is true that sometimes cold can give you a common cold.

Hope you don’t get a single episode of common cold this year.