Amazing early morning toilet seat action stories

How do you feel about your toilet seat, a dirty place which is only meant for disposing of your body’s excreta or as one of the best places in the universe where you can be free from all forms of tension. Well I have a great respect for toilet seats, and actually now pouring words in this post sitting on my hot seat at my toilet.

Why should we love our toilet seats?  Toilet seats are the only places where we can trash of our body’s unwanted commodities and rejuvenate our health. As per doctors, while defecating we should seat on toilets calmly and experience  the sense of pleasure so that our bowel gets cleared smoothly, otherwise it may lead to constipation.

But how to create affection to our toilet seat. Most important requirement in this regard is cleanliness, I suppose. A clean washroom always makes me revisit it whenever I have an urge to empty my bowel or bladder in response to nature’s call.

Next, we will dip ourselves into today’s discussion about various acts that people prefer to do on the commode seat. Since this is a private place, we will not get to know about every human act that is done while someone is sitting there. However, some people love to share their action sequences that they do during their efforts to get rid of the remnants of their previous day’s meals.

The list of toilet seat activities humans do range from reading books to having coffee to watching movies to fiddling with certain private parts of ones body to endless other possibilities. I mostly would prefer a five to ten minutes stay on the toilet seat along with my coffee mug or laptop. Going through unread emails or scanning the news around the globe on
British Broadcasting Corporation is my preference on the laptop.

During my days of stay in a hostel I made few observations in this regard. One of my colleagues I remember would have particular preference for chatting with the girl whom he was dating for last half a decade, according to him that piece of conversation would ignite her nervous system to spark his defecation reflex. My other friends would opt for some type of ignitors like lightning a cigarette on the commode seat. Few would shout or say slang. Remaining would prefer reading novels or singing songs or even composing lyrics and music. I silently use to observe this amazing human behaviours.

Finally, I should stop now. That’s too much to write on this topic. Will drop more words on something new on my next post. Thanks for reading!