Doctors who anaesthetise are like airline pilots

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on

Doctors who put people into sleep or anaesthesia during surgery are referred to as anaesthetists.

The anaesthetists anaesthetize people by various methods like giving anaesthetic gases to inhale or by giving some anaesthetic drug through the veins.

In my opinion, the way how the anaesthetists’ work closely resembles that of airline pilots, although they work in a completely different working environment.

Before anaesthetizing a patient the anaesthesia doctor will start with checking all the necessary equipment needed for the surgery. Similarly, pilots check aircraft equipment before takeoff.

Before take-off, a pilot will acquire information necessary for a safe flight like the anticipated weather conditions the aircraft might face in the sky. In the same way, the anaesthesia doctor will try to know beforehand all the information that might be needed to get through the surgery smoothly. For instance, the anaesthetist might be interested in enquiring the details of the operation type, the anticipated duration of surgery, the medications the patient is on etc.

Then, once the aeroplane is in the air the autopilot of modern aircraft takes care of most things for a frictionless flight. Likewise, once the surgery begins automated procedure takes control of several physiological parameters like blood pressure, heart rate etc.

Finally, the aeroplane must land. It is said to be one of the most difficult parts of the flight that need a lot of precision and expertise. In the same way, once the surgery is about to end the anaesthetist will give medications to bring the patient back to the consious and awake state.

Anaesthesia doctors are a real boon for human life since they serve as an armour of the surgeon to take care of their patients on the operating table. Many times patients credit only the surgeons for their recovery and are not aware of the role of the anaesthetist who plays a role in life and death decision.


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