Let´s welcome 2016, with tears and happiness of 2015

Time, a nonstop phenomenon that keeps moving on to explore its future generations. Alike the other years, this year (2015) is also about to close its chapter in next 48 hours and step into 2016. This year ending time is probably the only time when big multinational companies to small individuals like this author, try to to reevaluate or think the loses and gains they made in the calendar year which is just about to conclude.

The year 2015 was particularly sad because many people in different parts of the globe were victimized by war and terror attacks leading to losses of life property and death. It seems like a beginning of an apocalypse where man has been programmed to make extinct his own species. Let´s pray to god to have 2016 as a year, free of violence, so that only mankind and humanity prevails. Let no more life be lost in the name of war or terrorism, let no more child loses their parents and vice versa and let no one has to become a refugee again.

If we move towards, Asia the two big nations China and India particularly saw a huge burden of pollution in certain cities. Indian capital Delhi unfortunately topped in the list of one of the most polluted cities of the world. Hope, this worst hit polluted places on earth would recover in 2016 and will be able to gift fresh air to its inhabitants.

When man was busy murdering their own species in the year of 2015, nature was also not in a mood of mercy and shaked certain regions of the globe, of which it is of worth to mention about the nasty earthquake that hit Nepal and its nearby regions of China and India in 2015 leading loss of thousands of human life .

Despite the loses seen by 2015, there are few remarkable achievements that took place in this year. One such is NASA´s spacecraft which neared the planet Pluto and gifted us the photographs of the distant parts of the universe.

Finally, how about this blog in this year. It made a wonderful journey in 2015 and had earned various new readers from different parts of the globe. This author would like to thank everyone who took there time to read the blog and share their valuable comments. For a blogger there nothing delicious than the readers appreciations and encouragements.

Wish you a happy and prosperous new year.

Be happy and keep smiling!


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