Opportunity an eleven letter word is one of the most dreamed and cherished word for humans. Who doesn’t hunt for it? Probably we all are looking for better opportunities at all times in different purposes. From a better paid job to a better place to live, people look for opportunities in various sort of things. Even non-humans species look for a better opportunity to increase their chance of survival in the earth, for example a tiger waits for the perfect timing to attack its prey otherwise the latter might become alert about the approaching carnivore and fle.

Therefore, opportunity seeking is something universal in living beings. But the question is should humans always take an opportunity by any means. The answer of this author is that one must use their own morals while availing an opportunity. One should not access it intentionally by causing harm to another person. Opportunity in the sense of a competition or examination must be available to all eligible candidates and the best deservers should be gifted.

When it comes to basic human needs, like air, water, food, shelter etc., every humans should get equal opportunity irrespective to their age, sex, race, ethnicity etc.