Money – the primary requirement for higher education today

17309480255_a16a130b05_bWhen we were kids, our teachers and parents shared with us certain core views values about education, one noteworthy was that better educational institute means a heaven where talent is solely honored, and therefore money is not important in that perspective. However, it don’t seem to be totally true when we see the trend of modern higher education system globally and the tuition fees related to it.

To get enrolled in the world’s top most universities today undoubtedly you need to accumulate hundreds and thousands of dollars first, then is if you are meritorious or not. People who pay big chunks to get their education from those top ranking universities are no doubt becoming successful in there career. So this probably means that the talent which you are born with is not all that you need to have a great career but its just a part of the requirement of jobs and career race.

So before we teach our children that money is not important, alike our forefathers who kept on injecting the flavour of such noble thought, we have to answer them how will we be providing the tuition fee required for their dream university education.

Since most top ranked institutes are in the developed nations it absorbs a huge number of students from developing nations along with their colossal tuition fees. These money flowing out of the latter are quite high. But students can not be blamed in this regard, dreaming better education is everyone’s right and when their mother nation can’ t provide it they should get it from wherever they can obtain.

Students of developing nations are badly hit because of the international fees structures of the top universities, which are generally 2-5 times higher than that for their domestic conversion. Because of weaker currency the battle of life to collect the money for developing nation students become more fierce.

Finally the question is, if this practice of expensive education sell a good or bad thing? Possibly good in the sense it allows the host country where these universities are located to gather a huge amount of money and also enrich themselves with the research and projects done by the students. Unfortunately, it has a downside too, it is gradually becoming a game for wealthy parents wards only, which don’t sound ethically right. Nevertheless, that’s how is our present day education business.