How electric cars in US may impact traffic in Developing nations?

Electric cars are probably going to make into the roads of US very soon as per reports coming up from various news agencies. If electric cars become a success in US, plenty of unused gasoline run cars will become available for sell. Besides the unused ones there will be a huge number of new gasoline run cars not yet been sold which too will get added  to the stockpile of unused cars.

As usual, all that gets rejected in west gets dumped to the market of east i.e. the developing countries like India, Nepal etc. The craze for buying US cars can be high in the developing nations since many people who desire to own a western good branded car can’t simply get it because of its high price. Obviously, these cars if hit the shores of these nations will come in much low cost for stock clearance purpose. As a result, the already clogged and overtly polluted traffic situation of cities like Delhi, will worsen further.

Less likely the manufactures will wish to sell their electric cars now to the developing world immediately, they will probably wait for some time until they spot any deceleration in sales in western market. Let’s wait with patience to see the ultimate happenings in this regard.


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