Some people are skilled to make you feel despondent

During your entire life time have you ever come across people who make you feel depressed by their talks or gesture or any other form of social cues? If yes, probably you aren’t alone. Despite the excessive trumpeting of the lively quotes sharing of great people about positive echoes of life on social media, still many of us fall pray of the depressive ideologies thrown at us by certain individuals. Lets envision this issue through this authors perspective.

To begin with, let’s try to know who are these people involved in sharing views in a manner that can impact their audience in a deteriorative manner. If I scan the pages of my life, I find such people distributed across various age groups and professions. You may find such people in police or even politics.

In this regard, I recall the picture that is quite common in medical schools.  Almost all over the world, a common practice of senior doctors is to make their juniors (particularly those in apprentice phase) to feel worthless in front of the patients and other paramedics. I initially felt that such emotional beheading is only prevalent in developing nation, however, few clicks in the internet search engines can uncover similar heartbreaking stories from various wealthy nations too. Probably, there are handful of medical students who never faced one such situation during their career.

Next, lets try to scroll through the list of people who are the sufferers of such mental oppression. Who’s not in the list from kindergarten students to probably people in senates? Possibly any one can be subjugated by this psychological oppressors. Young children are probably the worst sufferers as they are simply at the dawn of their mental growth and don’t yet really know how to face such situations. Photo0264

To continue this discussion to its succeeding  phase, lets figure out why some people behave in this manner to dispirit another individual. Some probably do it unknowingly as a matter of being habituated to such type of behaviours, learnt from the antecedents to whom they came across in their career path (may be a boss under whom they did their research degree). While the remaining do it simply to gratify the itch of their sole (believably its more gratifying then the itch comfort associated to a fungal skin infection for example that happens in groins or armpits, DEFINITELY A BIZARRE COMPARISON!). In almost all phases of life, from kindergartens to universities to old age homes, such tyrant specieses of human race are largely prevalent, unfortunately.

In educational institutions reporting of such humiliations are generally low because of two reasons, in my view. One, some students have some prefixed idea glued in their brain that this type of psychological anguish is part of their career and its an experience too. The other viewpoint which the remaining student community share is that their period of angst will last only for the years of their training and they just keep tolerating it (while waiting for the course to finish).

Finally, lets evaluate the possible consequences on people who actually have to face such despondent situations. It might shake the psychological foundation of a person and make them depressed or even suicidal. Substance abuse can also also be an unwanted guest to the sufferers life as a result with their emotional turmoils.

Despite the attempts and claims of strong actions against such psychopaths (in my opinion) by the authorities, underreporting is a likely problem and the compromised people keep suffering silently.  Underreporting can also be a phenomenon in socially or economically dependent population, in children, women and elderly particularly. As time passes, the scars of emotional shaming tend to fade in some, while the rest carry it all the way to their graves, and sometimes unwillingly.