The briefcase story : part 3: my close door investigation

Among all the works that Dr. Rasley did only few I understood, primarily those about side effects  or mechanism of actions of certain medicines used to treat humans. Rest were about complex issues like genetics, lab animal related experiments, various chemicals etc. beyond my level of knowledge to engulf in one short scanning type read. After spending few hours on the laptop screen trying digging out the essence of his works my eyes worn out and had to take a nap.
anatomy_of_a_murder_2It was 6 am next day when I woke up, which obviously was not a nap anymore, an overnight sleep rather. My hidden close-door hotel room investigation didn’t make much progress yet. I took my early morning coffee cup and checked my emails first and then returned back to Dr. Rasley’s research papers that I downloaded on the previous day. But after head cramming for about another 2 hours nothing noteworthy I could dig out.

Then I started to think in another way to solve the case. Since my childhood, I have heard stories and seen movies where it’s depicted that when a thief goes to steal something in a house he searches in all hidden places like closets, under the bed etc. for expensive valuables but doesn’t gaze over things that are lying in front his eyes like a gold made wall clock hanging on the wall. Similar is said be true for crime scene investigators too, who bang their heads in search of hidden clues but overlooks those pieces of evidences that are just in front of them, staring and smiling shamelessly to be picked up. As such a vibrant thought bubbled in my head, I decided of going away from the briefcase by few inches and then slowly move close towards it to find out any easily visible superficial clues. To do so, immediately I did put back all that were inside the briefcase and packed it almost in the same adorn how I received it from the reception, and kept it on the table.

Then, using my knowledge till that date about performing a crime investigation, which I primarily learnt from TV shows how best US agencies investigates a crime scene, I tried to emulate a smarty detective’s prototype. Alike professional detectives, I too started with photographing the briefcase from all possible angles and both from outside and inside. I included both close and long shots of the briefcase.

After transferring those photos to my laptop I tried to view those photos by zooming in and out to hunt for any clue like a scratch mark message or something like that on the briefcase. No, there was no such clue that Dr.  Rasley left for me. However, keeping in mind the level of intelligent quotient the man might have I explored for all possible clues that can be looked for.

Over the next 4 hours of intensive search through those photos taken by me of the briefcase and its content, I could bring in only one positive finding that was a ‘missing screw’, which was missing from one of the hinges of the briefcase. Although I  thought it could be a hint leftover by the deceased for me to solve this case, without underrating the level of intellect he had, but couldn’t make out anything from that missing screw.

Finally, the day came when I should leave the hotel and fly back to my home country.  I had a early morning flight and a cab was already arranged by the hotel manager for my transportation to the airport. After boarding the aircraft, I started to engage myself in revising with the onboard crew’s live demonstration how to fix a seat belt, what should be done in case of an emergency landing in water and how many exits the aircraft had? Everything around me was fine and I was also happy that finally I was homebound. But a significant amount of remorse was also burning me from inside being unable to aid a deceased get justice, who probably found me as his only hope before getting murdered. At least, I could have handed over the briefcase to police or Dr. Rasley’s daughter. I did nothing except trying to be a hero and returning back empty handed.

Anyway, I always had been a good law abiding citizen always, who don’t hide air-hostesses and keeps mobile phone on during flight. So I turned off my mobile phone and fastened my seatbelt and was preparing for the take off and then an air hostess requested me to come to the rear end of the plane for some visa related queries. I didn’t argue and simply followed what she said. My heart started to pound heavily when I saw two armed police officers were waiting at the back side of the flight for me. It was quite clear that visa issue is bullshit, because I entered the nation legally for the purpose of attending the conference, and this must be something in relation to Dr. Rasley’s death. I was almost about to sob, I hated police in fear of wrongly detaining innocent people behind bars. But there was no choice other than facing those officers.

To be continued……..


This is a continuation of a suspense thriller series. Previous parts of this series can be found here-


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