The briefcase story: part 5: men in sky mask

Mr. Job used his wireless device in hand and informed his staff to enquire about anyone named ‘Rash’. With in next 2 hours it became evident that there was someone named Rash, a female trainee student of Dr. Rasley. Rasley used to visit Rash at her home frequently and he called on there two days before his assassination too. That day Rasley worked till late night on Rash’s computer. Although it proved the origin computer of those printouts but police couldn’t get much meaningful information from Rash to swipe away the cloud of puzzle condensed around the death of Dr. Rasley.

Time seemed to roll on too fast that day and it was evening, when I boarded the aircraft to be back home. Mr. Job came to see of me and thanked me for my cooperation. Although the mystery of Rasley’s death remained unsolved, I was feeling quite light because I had handed over the briefcase to Mr. Job for his investigations and got rid of the gift from a murdered victim. Although the seats in economy class of flights are not that reclinable how much it should be, I attempted to adapt with it and tried to relax.

As the landing gear dropped and the flight touched the runway next morning 7 am, I presumed that the briefcase story was over. However, latter by the end of the day I understood that it was actually the dawn of this story.

From the airport I straight away went to my workplace and spent the entire day sharing my experiences of my tour, and my colleagues engaged themselves in drawing various type of conclusions about Rasley’s death. At as the day was ending around 6pm, I headed towards the underground parking where my boss was supposed to pick me up and drive me to his home. While waiting for my chief at the underground parking area, I saw 4 people approaching me fast and all having sky masks masking their face. A sense of unpleasant threatening environment jerked my conscious but instead of fleeing my legs became frozen and glued to the ground, which was probably due to handcuffing of my brain by rotting fear. They were armed and targeting their ammunitions towards me. They were individuals too precise in their targets therefore without any introduction they directly asked what they want, and all they wanted was the briefcase that Rasley had given me. Since I had nothing to do with all these things happening around me in relation to the briefcase, I narrated the entire story including about Mr. Job and Miss Rash. Not sure they trusted me or not they asked for my camera and laptop which I had to give them without any major protest. Next they took me few meters away towards a dark part of the parking area and asked me to stand facing a wall with eyes closed.

I was standing there standstill, until my boss called me from my back. When I turned around I found him yelling at me; he was frustrated as I was not at the parking spot where he wanted me to wait. However, soon he read the apprehension on my face and asked for its cause. Hearing all that happened at the parking lot, he immediately called the local police station and cops arrived in another 10 minutes.

To be continued……

This is a continuation of a suspense thriller series. Previous parts of this series can be found here-


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