The briefcase story: part 6: citation styling



During the interrogation session, when the officers asked if I posses any photos of items found in the briefcase (which Rasley had send me by courier) I had to inform them that all photos of the contents of the briefcase were in my laptop and camera, which were then with the robbers. Police officers made attempt to establish contact with the officials of the country to which I visited, for the contents of the briefcase, but it didn’t work out because of poor political ties between the nations.

It was gradually becoming apparent to me and the police that those who mugged my laptop and camera were well aware that I no longer possessed the briefcase and all its contents were captured in my camera and laptop.  But what was suspicious was why were those thugs after those boring content of the briefcase.

I was quite sure that the thugs wouldn’t be able to dig into my laptop as it was password protected but my camera didn’t have any password. Not sure if any one sets a password for a camera.

During the post interrogation days all the incidents I went through in the last few days kept brewing in my brain. Then I suddenly recollected that in the airport while I was with Mr. Job I was browsing the internet and documents from my pc generally are synced to a 100 gigabyte cloud storage software, where things get automatically uploaded and stored. I immediately checked for it and found that among all the photos I took only two pages were uploaded to the cloud and luckily those two pages of references which didn’t belong to the article in the briefcase. I right away pulled the receiver of my phone and informed the detective who arranged police protection for me. His name is Tefo, a tall and slim dark man who most of the time were goggles, not sure why but maybe he likes that style or may be to hide his professionally obsessed scanning type vision to sense crime like a dogs sniffing habit.

Mr. Tefo came to my residence within an hour and after seeing those printouts he praised my work as ‘impressive’.  He said that his team had gone through the article that I found in the briefcase by downloading a copy from a website but couldn’t find anything fishy.  His team felt that if there was anything of worth in that briefcase, it should be in the last two pages bibliographic pages that didn’t belong to the article in the briefcase. I too agreed with that concept and kept looking into those two pages to get some hint to all that were happening then, but it was as usual boring. Tefo scanned those pages and shared to his office staff who hold expertise in breaking encoded hidden language by various means.

It had been few days since I met Tefo, and since then I didn’t hear from him, possibly he must be busy solving some crime mystery.  I had gone through those two pages of references so many times that I can see them even when I closed my eyes. In a way my brain got fatigued by continuous thinking about it. To recreate and divert my brain I tried to plunge into enjoying a movie. Surprisingly, despite my serious efforts to delve in the movie those two pages of bibliography were hammering my brain and then suddenly I felt that there was something wrong with 1 of the references among those two bibliography pages. That particular reference had a different citation style in comparison the rest of the citations.

If you don’t have idea about how the references are written in a research article, let me inform you that there are particular sequences in which authors names, article title, journal name, page number, publications date etc. are arranged in a citation. Various citation systems (like Vancouver, Chicago etc.) have their own sequencing pattern.

When I informed Tefo about my discovery he called me to his office where he introduced me with experts who are professional in unwinding secret codes of terrorists. I became disappointed knowing that my discovery was not creditable as his team had already spotted it two days back. But Mr. Tefo called me because he felt I can help his team with their investigation. They have checked all the citations listed in those two bibliographic pages and all were true references of respective parent articles except the one with different citation format. We all scratched our head to find out the essence of using such a different citation style.

To be continued……

This is a continuation of a suspense thriller series. Previous parts of this series can be found here-



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