How to change your default pdf browser in mac?


pexels-photo-209137.jpegAs a Mac user one might find the need to use various pdf readers like Foxit, Adobe and preview. I use all three, depending on my purpose. And we all generally have a favourite pdf reader in which we want our pdf files to open by default. My preferred one is Foxit.

So how to change from preview to Foxit or Adobe or vice versa?

Before enabling this function first make sure your mac is installed with pdf reader of your choice like Adobe, Foxit etc.

Foxit and Adobe pdf reader can be downloaded from the following links – Foxit, Adobe.

Preview is a pdf reader, generally comes preinstalled on Mac.

Following the steps below might be of worth in this regard:

  1. first, click on finder and open a finder window
  2. now browse and choose any existing pdf file in our finder
  3. select the pdf file but don’t open it yet
  4. then click command+i –> next go to step 6
  5. alternative step (instead of step 4) – go to files above the finder panel and hit ‘get info’
  6. in the popped up info window click ‘open with’ and from the list of choices of various apps choose your preferred pdf reader. But you are not done yet.
  7. if you close the window doing nothing further only the selected pdf will open in your chosen pdf reader
  8. to make your chosen pdf reader as default –> click ‘change all’ button  beneath ‘open with’ option
  9. after step 8 all pdf files in your mac should open with your chosen pdf reader