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    How to take a ​screenshot in mac? 



    2 easy ways of taking a screenshot in mac are as following:

    1. press command+shift+#
      •  your screenshot will be available on the desktop
    2. among the app’s list search for the app call grab (alternatively in the spotlight search–> type grab.app)
      • open the grab app
      • then type command+3 for the whole screen
      • or type command+4 for selecting any portion of the screen
      • once the desired screen in captured save it to your desired location in finder, quite self-explanatory I suppose
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    How to change your default pdf browser in mac? 


    pexels-photo-209137.jpegAs a Mac user one might find the need to use various pdf readers like Foxit, Adobe and preview. I use all three, depending on my purpose. And we all generally have a favourite pdf reader in which we want our pdf files to open by default. My preferred one is Foxit.

    So how to change from preview to Foxit or Adobe or vice versa? (More …)

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    SSD versus DDR3 



    If you are planning to buy a new laptop, you may wonder which of the following specification is better SSD or DDR3. This author will vote for SSD and some of the decision-making tools are s below.

    First of all, what do SSD and DDR stand for? SSD stands for solid state drive and DDR is the abbreviation of the double data rate. In DDR3 the numeric 3 is the version identity of DDR, it came after DDR2. DDR is a type of dynamic random access memory (DRAM).

    SSD is a faster processor than RAM. Unlike hard disk drives, SSD doesn’t require defragmentation, something many old windows users are quite familiar with. SSD consumes less power and almost nil heat.

    Speed and other flexibilities make SSD of choice for many.


  • Sumanta 12:01 PM on February 19, 2017 Permalink |
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    Rampage drivers to fly drones 

    I first heard about ‘Drones’ when I witnessed their use in warfare and spying, in television news. Then in movies and recently read in news websites about its potential usage for delivering courier or online shopping items to our doorsteps. Although, a lot of arguments are ongoing about the possible misuse of drones in freight of goods by online shopping companies, some are even imagining about its possible future use in daily commuting of humans.

    If drones are to be used in future for our daily commute to office, developing nations in particular will be benefitted, in my view. Why? Let’s discuss it in terms of a city like Mumbai in India, where roads are clogged up with suffocating traffic and where bike riders and three wheeler rickshaws are in a competition to prod their front wheel in every small gap they find in the heavy traffic to beat other vehicles in the race of reaching earlier to their destinations (however, unless you have been in such roads you can’t get the actual essence of it).

    Easiest way to travel in such traffic congested cities is through the railway, however the rails don’t propel you to every minuscule destinations beyond the capacity of its tract, and in most days during office hours you may prefer to avoid its hefty rowdy crowd. Since such cities are grossly unplanned and have no much space for new mega transport infrastructure to introduce, drones may be a sort of swift relief form the burly stifled crowd and may also serve as the fastest mode of transport in such busy metros. If drone technology keeps accelerating in the current pace in near future we might find such drones instigated for common man’s commuting. We might see structures like buses with four propellers at four corners of its roof being lifted up and moved on towards it destination.

    So much so is about use of drones for public transportation purposes. But if it gets allowed, which might eventually be someday, that any individual can own a drone and drive it like a cab or rickshaw for carrying passengers or like bikes or cars for personal usage, to reach their precise destinations, what will be its aftermath keeping in mind how real traffic situation is on the roads. Seeing the current reckless, mercy less, unorderly, chaotic and traffic law undermining driving of drivers in most major cities in metros of developing nations, it is quite horrible to even think about the probable rampage that can happen in the air when these set of drivers are permitted to fly drones.

    If you ever witnessed, some of the notorious vehicle-overcrowded traffic signals in cities of developing nations, you can find how almost every driver gets busy trying introducing the front part of their vehicle in every little space available on the roads worsening the jam to its zenith. And at the very split second the traffic signal becomes green the first row of traffic run in almost a windy speed as if they are chasing an Olympic medal to reach the next traffic signal. Simultaneously, in urban metropolitans of third world nations, its not uncommon to see the disrespect of drivers towards pedestrians, who just almost ram on pedestrians mercilessly and some even crawl up their vehicles on the pavement. To worsen the anguish of pedestrians further its not unusual to see pavements preoccupied by illegal constructions like shops or extension of houses, parked scooters, non tax paying street canines etc. On the other hand, some pedestrians are also blamable for their reckless traffic rule defying behaviors particularly while crossing roads with head phones plugged in their ears.

    So if such traffic law disobeying attitude drivers take up drone flyer’s control seat some unimaginable spectrum of consequences might pour in. To sketch few, some drone drivers my collide with sky scraping buildings (commonly found in metros of developing nations), while other might end up in drone-drone collision or alike aircraft crashes may plough into traffic beneath on the roads. A solution may be to introduce licensed pilots (truly licensed, unlike those driving licenses easily obtainable in some corruption corroded countries), like aircraft pilots. But a drawback of such commercial pilot recruitment might be the difficulty to monitor such huge pool of pilots, if drone are to used in future like bike, taxi, rickshaw or bus. However, if the drones are unmanned like those automated cars recently introduced by one of the famous internet search engine company an orderly drone traffic system may be possible to achieve.

    Now one can definitely rise a question, why am I targeting third world countries with stickers of rampage driving in traffic, aren’t there rash drivers in the developed nations. Yes in the later too we can find traffic law infringers, but there are certain concrete differences from the former to understand. In developed nations, primary reasons why the traffic is not most of the time clogged to such extremes as in third world’s urban roads are the better planned traffic handling, good road construction and mapping  and attitude of  majority of people to stick to traffic rules. Moreover, the CCTV’s are mostly fully functioning and are systematically monitored in the west, where a driver who violates traffic rule if caught on camera faces the legal consequences, which is not the case in developing nations till date, grossly.

    P.S. – This writing is based on the author’s individual observations, which is not necessarily true and agreeable to all.

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    After using Chromebook it feels like rest of the leading pc selling companies are doing a scam! 

    Chromebook Photo: Alex Washburn / WiredI was a traditional windows user who finally shifted to chromebook, in search for some relief from some of its negative usage experiences like slowness in all respects, poor battery running hours and cost. Although in recent times a wide range of prices of windows pcs are seen but none of them felt satisfactory to me due to its overall protracted working time and less hours of battery provided energy. So I was almost determined not to let the another windows pc to enter my house again and was exploring the option for buying a mac.

    I have seen mac and was quite overwhelmed with its sleek look and long battery life. We have almost 6 pcs at home all running on windows with no gross satisfaction. If all these money could have been saved probably we could have bought 2 mac laptops. So this time I was quite cautious about grabbing my next laptop. However, mac’s price always makes me feel to sob.

    So thought of giving a try to chromebook. After reading its features and seeing its cheap price I thought to bet my pc buying luck for chromebooks too. Obviously I checked various features of google like docs, sheets etc and also had the long battery life back in my head. So finally I invested about 180 dollars and tried my pc luck with chromebooks.

    After about almost a year of its use, I feel rest of the pcs that are sold is doing scam. If google can provide in such low price a superfast pc with excellent battery life, why others can’t do so. Chromebooks don’t need antivirus, google takes care of everything. What more a customer can want for. Its light weight and super fast nature with long battery hours have made it an ideal pc for me.  Hope chromebooks will inspire the pc world for a revolution low price, long battery life and superfast pcs.

    PS: The above is of writing is based on the author’s own user experience, and not a promotional content.

    • The Rocky Safari 7:52 PM on June 3, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I agree, they are GREAT! I love my Chromebook from Samsung. But you must not mistake, they are not a PC. Windows and Mac offer far more flexibility in running software programs. While ChromeOS and other browsers have the POTENTIAL to eventually run everything online, we aren’t quite there yet.


    • Dr. Sumanta Saha 7:33 AM on June 4, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi Rocky, you are most welcome to Resonance of life!

      I understand that in technical language pc, laptop, chrome os are different nomenclatures and have their own meanings.

      But there are many people like me who are not tech experts and mistakenly use these words interchangeably to mean computer. Common man generally needs simple softwares for browsing, to watch movies or listen music, do basic works like making powerpoint presentations or working on excel or docs.

      I think you are not totally correct about that everything is online in chrome os, you can see movies ofline using viedeo lan in chrome os (link – https://sumantasaha.com/2015/12/19/google-chromebook-pixel-2015-vlc-media-player-finally-available-on-chrome-os/).

      Besides that you can prepare slides or do work on google docs offline.

      Gmail itself can be explored offline.

      Therefore, with respect to people who don’t require much of computer hardware issues for work, daily regular usage is same whichever computer you use. People commonly use some simple tools for this work. I even completed my project work in chrome book. Being a doctor I don’t need much of technical specifications.

      Nevertheless, I appreciate your comment. Thanks for sharing your inputs.

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    • ijuihjas8 3:51 PM on June 4, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Chrome book and Personal Computers are two different things. I think chrome book seems to be good for u bcz it satisfy your needs well.


    • Dr. Sumanta Saha 7:12 AM on July 13, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Please check this out:

      If you can hack a Chromebook remotely, you might get a fat check from Google. The Chrome security team has doubled its top “bug bounty” to $100,000, payable to the first person who compromises a Chromebook or Chromebox machine through the Web.

      Source: http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/chromebook-bug-bounty


  • Sumanta 8:10 AM on December 19, 2015 Permalink |
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    Google Chromebook Pixel (2015): VLC Media Player Finally Available on Chrome OS 

    The much loved VLC media player is already available on every significant desktop operating system, and even a few obscure ones, with one major exception: Chrome OS. But that’s about to change.

    The nonprofit VideoLAN organization on Friday announced that the free, open source, cross-platform VLC multimedia player is finally available on Google’s Chrome OS. Like the desktop version of VLC, the new Chrome OS iteration can play most video files, as well as network streams and DVD ISOs. It’s also a full audio player capable of playing even “weird audio formats” like FLAC.

    “VLC is intended for everyone, is totally free, has no ads, no in-app-purchases, no spying and is developed by passionate volunteers,” VideoLAN President Jean-Baptiste Kempf wrote in a blog post. “All the source code is available for free.”

    Source: Google Chromebook Pixel (2015): VLC Media Player Finally Available on Chrome OS

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    Pick up centre and online shopping 

    pexels-photo-811101.jpegOnline shopping is a trend that is popular around the globe. Even customers in developing nations like India are also showing huge interest in this new shopping technology.

    Due to the problem of nonavailability of the customer at his destination address during delivery of the purchased commodity, probably gave birth to the ‘pick up center’ concept in the online shopping industry. During on online shopping, many companies now allow customers to choose a pickup center where the shipment will be delivered. The customer then collects it from there at their convenient time.

    I find this pickup service very much useful. Previously, whenever a parcel use to arrive I use to be in the office and had to rush to my home to receive it. Besides that, it was not possible always to leave the workplace and go home to receive the courier.  The pickup center concept was not there initially available at my locality so online shopping experiences were not sweet every time. Now there are multiple pickup points in my neighbourhood and shopping online has become quite simpler. Nowadays, I simply collect my shopped item while returning back home from my office.

    Nevertheless, everything has its own downside too. You should never forget to check your item properly at the pickup center to ensure that no parts are missing or broken. Also, make sure you don’t mistakenly bring home the parcel of another person. In addition to that be careful if you are receiving a parcel on behalf of someone else or scenarios like that and make sure you are not being used as a mule to traffic drugs etc. in the name of online shopping. Therefore, stay vigilant.

    Finally, you shouldn’t forget to carry your identity card which is generally required to be displayed at the pickup centers to get your shipment.

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    Two step verification of your email accounts via mobile phone- how helpful is it? 

    The two step authentication process of user accounts are becoming quite popular in the web world since the introduction of threats of various type of account hacks like email, social networking etc.

    But is it really safe? Well as long as you are the only person who has the access to your mobile phone it’s probably safe. Some backup codes are also provided by the website companies as backup in case you loose your mobile phone. This codes must be hidden in a secret place in web or paper and also you should remember where you are hiding them.

    This is two step authentication might be of worth for email accounts but probably of not much use when using blogs, because they can dull your user experience when you have to make any changes in your user setting or you want to sign in from another device. Every time you need your mobile phone for making very minute changes in your blog. If you have multiple SIM cards and have to travel a lot you might feel pathetically bored if your SIM card is in bag or in another phone which is not there readily available at your phone.

    So in my opinion choose a two step authentication based on your purpose and how much secrecy do you want to ascertain toy your user accounts.

    Well here is a suggestion from my end, which you may think of trying if find it ok. Get a new email id, don’t share it with any one, use it only for registering your various email, social networking, blogging accounts, and keep strong password for all your accounts. If you wish you may use two step authentication for this new email id. As long as this new email id is safe probably all accounts related to it will be safe because all password recoveries will be through that new email id.

    Hope this above clip of experience of the author helps you to decide better if to choose two step authentications via mobile or not.

    Wish you a safe and nice browsing experience!

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    What is ‘google keep’? 

    Taking notes on a windows pc is really a troublesome job. Opening a notepad or Microsoft word or onenote is not always convenient for bit lazy people like me, who rather prefer a direct note taking and keeping type application on the desktop.

    The sticky notes of windows are nice, but have few drawbacks I think, like we can’t add a image to it, nor can we set a reminder to the note. When you have too many of them on your desktop, it’s a real mess to find the specific note you are looking for, scrolling through every note to find the desired one is cumbersome. I hunted a lot for a good friendly note taking device, and finally I think I found one, hence sharing here. This one is called ‘Google keep‘, a product by Google.

    This product will definitely change your note taking and keeping experience in a windows pc. It’s probably going to work in non-windows pcs too, but I have no experience about it.

    Benefits of  ‘Google keep’ which this author found are as the following-

    1. all notes which you will take will be directly from your desktop, no need to open any browser or application
    2. you can add reminders and works like calendars and tasks, and that too directly from your desktop; reminders also allow you to add locations
    3. it allows you to add pictures to your notes, good for students I feel
    4. accessible from other devices since they sync to your google drive
    5. you can add specific colors available in a tray to certain notes, if you wish
    6. you can either delete a note or keep to archives for future reference
    7. the notes can be read in full screen mode by maximizing its size (appears like google plus posts)
    8. finally the best thing, as for most products of google this note keeping device is search enables, which allows you to search your specific note

    Demerit the author found:

    1. if you save picture files like .png or .jpg etc. and if you don’t keep a copy of it anywhere else in the pc, it might be difficult to retrieve it since downloading once uploaded photos is difficult with google keep. It’s much easier to upload and download photo files in google drive rather.

    2. For tasks you set with reminder, the reminder is probably not much reliable as the google calender. It don’t have good reminding alert system.

    3. if you are using in on a pc, sometimes offline functioning is not satisfactory, it may not load all files you have kept on google keep.

    However, its not necessary that you too will find this demerits, because google might have improved such glitches or may be the problems the author found with this product is not a generalized problem for all.

    Here is how you can get it:

    1. You can get it directly from this link: https://drive.google.com/keep/
    2. To use it from your desktop- you need to download a desktop application called ‘Chrome App Launcher’ – you can get this from chrome webstore (available at google chrome browser)

    Hope our long waited note taking problem will eliminate by the introduction of this new application ‘Google keep’.

    Finally, lets thank  Google for bringing up such a good tool.

  • Sumanta 5:40 PM on May 28, 2015 Permalink |
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    Why WordPress likes not reflecting in the stats? 

    If you are new in blogging world with WordPress, you might be astonished to find that you are not getting less number of views or visitors in stats section in comparison to the number of likes you are getting.

    It may happen that you received 30 likes in  a day but only 2 or 3 views at your stats section on the same day.

    How does such happens?

    There are 2 possibilities:

    One is that, may be that your readers of WordPress community are reading your blog from the readers section and they are not landing to your blog page directly for some reason (they may not feel interested to leave the reader’s page).

    A reader can like or comment to a post directly from the reader’s section and this don’t get reflected at your stats. Your stats will reflect only when someone visits your blog page directly but not through the reader

    Second possibility is (according to this author’s opinion based on 2-3 years experience with WordPress) to popularize one’s own blog or website, the promotional bloggers of companies or brands or individual businessman might keep liking others posts. They do so simply to come into notice of other bloggers.

    This practice is probably more common with blogs dealing with health and fitness related stuff. They promote various health solutions and one most commonly encountered is weight loss related blogs and websites. When you get such a like you will probably take a look into their blog or website, which suffices their purpose.

    During initial days of blogging these ‘likes’ we receive might give a feeling of warmth that so many people appreciated the post. But if you scan bit vigilantly you may find that you are actually receiving false or spam likes who are not interested in your content but want to draw your attention to their blog or website.

    Liking don’t really require much effort, simply using the WordPress readers section one can like hundreds of posts in minutes. Rather, constructive meaningful comments are trustworthy, they need little bit of effort and articulation of thought, which can show true interest of your reader.

    Blogging is all about people and spammers should not be welcomed.

    Have a nice day. Enjoy blogging!

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    How to open computer documents and files by a single click in windows pc? 

    DSC_2198Here we are talking about windows pcs. If double clicking of every document or file to open it is a cumbersome job for you, specially if you require working on pcs for long hours, this post is most likely for you.

    Opening files and documents by a single click is a very easy procedure.

    Follow the steps below if you are using windows 7 or 8 pc-

    1. Press the windows key, then type ‘single click’ or ‘click’
    2. You will get an option asking you to specify single or double click option- clink on this option
    3. Now a window should open named ‘folder options’- here you will find an option that allows you to do work in a single click- simply choose it and click ‘apply’ or ‘ok’ and you are done.
    4.  Now try opening any file on your desktop, it should open by one click.

    In windows XP pc the process is almost similar, except that it don’t have a sophisticated search function.

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