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  • Sumanta 9:01 AM on November 25, 2017 Permalink |
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    Amazing Skytrains at Changi Airport 


    Travelling by Skytrain at Changi Airport, Singapore can be a memorable experience if you have some time to spend at the airport and enjoy its variety of flavours. These trains take you free of cost across various airport terminals at the Changi airport.

    If you are are not sure which Skytrain to board, various displays are available at various parts of the airport to help you to decide. However, for people who find it hard to grasp maps in one go, like me, the easiest way is to ask any airport staff, which I found a helpful way. One thing that is worth mentioning about Changi Airport is the help desks, distributed throughout the airport.

    The staff are generally quite helpful and offer free lozenges, just feel free to grab few. Staff at these help kiosks provide help to travellers in the airport, to get access to the free internet available at the airport. They scan the passport and generate tokens for this purpose and one may receive more than one token on request, for using internet on multiple devices. However, one can also follow some of the guidelines found on the airport displays and learn how to connect the free wifi through mobile. It’s simple, all that one needs to do is to follow the prompts.

    Coming back to the Skytrains, these trains are amazing primarily because they are not manned i.e. driverless and fully automatic. Its something like unmanned drones, although it doesn’t shell or spy anyone, rather carry passengers safely across airport terminals.

    Finally, let me add few more sentences about the wonderful airport. First, is its aesthetic part. The floor of almost the entire airport area accessible to travellers is carpeted. Since the airport is quite large and if you are looking for a calm place to sit and relax it don’t seem to be difficult to find one. Some chairs are fitted with appliances to charge electronic gadgets like mobiles and laptops.

    If you are fond of shopping at the airports, there is a huge range of choices throughout the airport. Some people probably utilise it as a mean to kill the boredom of waiting for long hours for catching their next connecting flight. You may find electronic leg massaging chairs spreading out at various corners of the airport premises. Interestingly, it was free when I travelled and hope it will remain so in future too.

    If you like to be around people of various parts of the globe, this airport may serve the purpose to some extent. At certain times of the day, you may find people from various countries speaking different languages under one roof.

    Furthermore, there are facilities in the airport to send your extra luggage by postal or courier system. Although the service seemed expensive to my wallet’s expenditure limits, giant airport shoppers with weighty financial capacities might find it helpful.

    Besides that, the airport takes care of both smokers and non-smokers. For smokers, there are enclosed smoking areas which help non-smokers to refrain from inhaling passive smoke.

    Lastly, before wrapping this post, I must mention about the airport’s pre-departure security check, a concern probably for most passengers. Based on my experience and understanding, the staff responsible for this task take their work seriously and sincerely, which obviously makes the airport one of my favourite.

    P.S.: Descriptions here are based on this author’s individual travel experiences which are not necessarily free of errors and things might change with time too. Therefore, please cross-check information from authentic resources.

  • Sumanta 11:35 AM on October 22, 2015 Permalink |
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    Why some Indians behave in English-way at Indian airports? 

    wpid-wp-1439552372101.jpegIndia is a country of linguistic diversity. Various provinces have different primary languages like bengali in West Bengal, marathi in Maharashtra, odia in Orissa etc. Hindi is the national language of the country. However, there are many people in India who suddenly start behaving and talking in a different manner, as soon as they enter any airport premises in India .

    Inside airports these people wouldn’t prefer speaking their non-english mother tongue nor their national language. The choice of language becomes english and behavior and bodily gestures used to communicate becomes more a sort of British or American type.

    Is it bad to behave in this pattern or is it a good change? Not sure if it is good or bad, but it is probably a type of subconscious conflict with their own identity which they got by birth. Probably they would have been happier to be a citizen of the English speaking developed world.

    If this observation by this author is true than the question is why these people behave in such different manner in airport premises.

    One explanation might be that people are losing love and faith on their own language and feel English as a good way of reflecting themselves. Since most English speaking nations like America or England or Australia are economically more stable with better organised living conditions, people might not be loving their motherland (India) any more in their subconscious mind. In countries like India or Bangladesh or Nepal most of the time airports are one of the cleanest places of these nations where things work in organised way with some amount of discipline.

    Anyway lets wrap up this discussion here. Before concluding I would like to say that this writing is based on my own individual observation which is not necessarily true. The author don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feeling in any manner, however if such has happened unknowingly please understand it as a pure coincidence rather than a cold minded intention.

    Dhanyabad (thank you in Hindi).

  • Sumanta 11:56 PM on May 4, 2014 Permalink |
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    How to travel to CMC Vellore? 

    Christian Medical College (CMC) Vellore is one of the famous hospitals in India is located in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The hospital can be reached by various ways but here we will look into two of convenient ways.

    First one is via flight. Travel up to the airport at Chennai (http://www.chennaiairport.com/), then book a prepaid cab and travel to the hospital directly. From this Airport to the CMC will take about 2 to 3 hours, depending on the pressure of traffic on the roads.

    Alternatively you may travel to the Chennai Central Railway station from the airport at Chennai and get a train for a railway station called Katpadi. After reaching Katpadi you may take an auto rickshaw to CMC, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

    Katpadi is connected from various parts of India via railway, so you may travel by train instead of air. You may choose to travel directly to Katpadi or you may travel up to Chennai Central and then travel to Katpadi by another train.

    For train options you may try to visit this website https://www.irctc.co.in/

    This piece of travel guide is based on experience of the author. 
    You may cross check them from other sources too.
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    Easy ways to reach New Delhi international and domestic airport 

    If you are willing to travel to New Delhi Airport (international or domestic) from any part of Delhi, there are multiple ways to reach. But reaching in time in peak hours is probably the biggest hurdle, because of the huge traffic clog on the roads.

    So an easy way can be to travel via the Delhi metro. Irrespective to which type of airport you want to go, domestic or international, first, try to locate the nearest metro station from your location and then travel to a station called Rajiv Chowk. Next, you have to change train (metro) and take a train towards the station Jahangir Puri. After boarding from Rajiv Chowk, by metro rail towards Jahangir Puri, the next station will be New Delhi, where you will have to change train again. At New Delhi, metro station you may look or ask for Airport Express metro services which directly takes passengers to International airport of Delhi (the stop is called IGI Airport).

    If you are willing to travel to domestic airport you need to follow the same path except that you have to deboard from the train at a station called Delhi Aerocity which is a station before IGI airport. Once you reach Delhi Aerocity, you can find shuttle bus services on the station premises, which will take you to the domestic terminal.

     Since, Metro rail don’t face any traffic like in the roads, in my opinion and experience it’s the best mode of travel to the domestic and international airports of Delhi.

    A common problem you may face in Delhi metro is to decide which metro-line to choose, since they have different metro routes like blue line, yellow line etc. There are maps available which nicely show these lines and one can obviously follow this. But if you are, in short of time and lack the patience to decode those maps an easy way is to ask the metro staff and the other passengers whom you meet on the metro rails and stations. But I found a drawback of asking others about the route, few people deliberately by fashion or by passion prefer to show the wrong direction when asked and many others too experienced such. So its good to ask more than one individual to verify if the info shared by one is correct or not.

     Hope this brief guideline will help you to reach the Delhi international or domestic airport easily.

    The above writing is based on the individual experiences of the author, which might not be totally correct. So cross check the travel info from other resources too. Thanks.
  • Sumanta 4:32 PM on December 5, 2013 Permalink |
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    How to reach the international or domestic terminal of airport in Kolkata? 

    Kolkata is the capital of the state West Bengal, a state located at the eastern part of India. Kolkata is well known for its own cultural heritage. However, in pace to the various other cities across the globe the city’s traffic system is not up to the mark and might cause difficulty to access the one of the main exit point of the city, the airport. The name of the airport in Kolkata is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport.

    Both the domestic and the international terminal in Kolkata are in proximity so if you are nearing the airport, you are nearing to both of these terminals, just take the appropriate diversion depending upon your destination.

    Unless you have previously booked a cab you will probably need to bargain a bit to travel via a taxi. As in most parts of the globe, some opportunistic taxi drivers are always there who take the longer route to the airport while driving tourists in their cab; probably they want you to have some more sight seeing of the city before you leave and that too in your expenses undoubtedly and sadly. Sometimes taxies are not easily available too.

    So have some idea of landmarks of the nearby area so that you can reach easily. I prefer bus, a cheap and easy way to commute. However, not an easy task if you are not acquainted with local travel culture.

    If you are traveling from the Dum Dum railway station, bus is an easy way to commute to the domestic terminal of the airport (other services like taxi or auto rickshaw might be available too).  I generally ask the conductor if it will go to airport or not. However, in most situations the conductors of the buses will be shouting loudly about its stoppages. Once in the bus I would generally ask for a ticket for the Gate no. 1 of the airport. Depending on the traffic it may take about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the airport. Generally, the bus fare will be about 8 rupees. After reaching gate no. 1 simply ask someone, which way to go to reach the airport. Its about 6 to 10 minutes walk from there. If walking is not possible try for other commuting services that are available in that area.

    If you prefer to travel by taxi from Dum Dum railway station station to the  airport it generally costs about 200 rupees, but a good bargainer may make it at 50 rupees too, depends on your skill and the timing.

    Local train services are there to the airport but not popular in my opinion and might not be safe too at certain times when there are very few passengers on the train. Furthermore, they are at infrequent intervals.

    Unfortunately, unlike the New Delhi’s international airport, in Kolkata the local metro railway don’t have any established metro services yet to travel to the airport. Nearest metro station from the airport is the one located at the Dum Dum railway station premises.

    Please cross check the information from other sources too. 
    Written on author's own experiences.
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