Facebook parents joined to spy on kids?

Half of Facebook parents have  joined to spy on their kids- this might sound weird but true.  To whom should we feel pity on, the parent or the kid?  Probably both!  Former feels unsafe and the latter feels captivated. It must be worst with parents dealing with kids in age of  ‘its my life, I decide’. Parents probably spy not to stop them social networking but to protect them falling pray with the wrong allies swarming in internet ocean. And for kids this sometimes become their overprotective parental behavior. But I believe this issue was present even when internet or social networking wasn’t their, difference now is unwanted creatures can swim in our homes through the internet cables instead of waiting for kids to come out of their home.

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How to use ‘page up’ and ‘page down’ feature in Chromebook?

If you are trying to scroll through a webpage you might find it difficult to scroll up or down, fast, using the keyboard, unlike the traditional windows PC keyboards. This is because Chromebook keyboards don’t have any key named ‘page up ‘ or ‘page down’. However, by using the upward and downward direction showing keys you can scroll up and scroll down a page as in regular PCs.

So here is the solution. Although there is no fast scrolling button in the Chromebook keyboard, the similar type of feature can be enabled by pressing and holding the search key  and then pressing the upward or downward direction key depending on your intended direction of scroll.


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