Google keep

Taking notes on a windows pc is really a troublesome job. Opening a notepad or Microsoft word or onenote is not always convenient for bit lazy people like me, who rather prefer a direct note taking and keeping type application on the desktop.

The sticky notes of windows are nice, but have few drawbacks I think, like we can’t add a image to it, nor can we set a reminder to the note. When you have too many of them on your desktop, it’s a real mess to find the specific note you are looking for, scrolling through every note to find the desired one is cumbersome. I hunted a lot for a good friendly note taking device, and finally I think I found one, hence sharing here. This one is called ‘Google keep‘, a product by Google.

This product will definitely change your note taking and keeping experience in a windows pc. It’s probably going to work in non-windows pcs too, but I have no experience about it.

Benefits of  ‘Google keep’ which this author found are as the following-

  1. all notes which you will take will be directly from your desktop, no need to open any browser or application
  2. you can add reminders and works like calendars and tasks, and that too directly from your desktop; reminders also allow you to add locations
  3. it allows you to add pictures to your notes, good for students I feel
  4. accessible from other devices since they sync to your google drive
  5. you can add specific colors available in a tray to certain notes, if you wish
  6. you can either delete a note or keep to archives for future reference
  7. the notes can be read in full screen mode by maximizing its size (appears like google plus posts)
  8. finally the best thing, as for most products of google this note keeping device is search enables, which allows you to search your specific note

Demerit the author found:

1. if you save picture files like .png or .jpg etc. and if you don’t keep a copy of it anywhere else in the pc, it might be difficult to retrieve it since downloading once uploaded photos is difficult with google keep. It’s much easier to upload and download photo files in google drive rather.

2. For tasks you set with reminder, the reminder is probably not much reliable as the google calender. It don’t have good reminding alert system.

3. if you are using in on a pc, sometimes offline functioning is not satisfactory, it may not load all files you have kept on google keep.

However, its not necessary that you too will find this demerits, because google might have improved such glitches or may be the problems the author found with this product is not a generalized problem for all.

Here is how you can get it:

  1. You can get it directly from this link:
  2. To use it from your desktop- you need to download a desktop application called ‘Chrome App Launcher’ – you can get this from chrome webstore (available at google chrome browser)

Hope our long waited note taking problem will eliminate by the introduction of this new application ‘Google keep’.

Finally, lets thank  Google for bringing up such a good tool.


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