How to open documents and files by a single click in windows pc?

DSC_2198Here we are talking about windows pcs. If double clicking of every document or file to open it is a cumbersome job for you, specially if you require working on pcs for long hours, this post is most likely for you.

Opening files and documents by a single click is a very easy procedure.

Follow the steps below if you are using windows 7 or 8 pc-

  1. Press the windows key, then type ‘single click’ or ‘click’
  2. You will get an option asking you to specify single or double click option- clink on this option
  3. Now a window should open named ‘folder options’- here you will find an option that allows you to do work in a single click- simply choose it and click ‘apply’ or ‘ok’ and you are done.
  4.  Now try opening any file on your desktop, it should open by one click.

In windows XP pc the process is almost similar, except that it don’t have a sophisticated search function.