How to save pages as PDFs in your iPad device?

Those who were users of computers and now started to use the iPad, a common deficiency many users feel, is the lack of printing or saving facility of desired webpages as PDFs in their iPad device, alike they do in their regulars laptops or pcs.

Until recently to the best of my knowledge no such facility really existed, other than taking screenshots, but now there is one, which is quite handy and user friendly.

Try the following to save a PDF of print of a webpage of your interest:

  1. To use the service you need use the Chrome browser of ‘Google’. Which is easily available at your app store.
  2. After this download the Google Drive app from the store.
  3. Log in with your ID to your Google drive account.
  4. Once your Chrome browser is ready to use, open a desired web page, which you wish to save as PDF.
  5. Next, tap on the small icon at top right of your screen in the browser, which displays the various list of options like- ‘New Tab’ etc.  Scroll down the list until you reach the option ‘Print’.
  6. This will display you the options via which you can print or save as PDF. Choose the Google option and it will prompt you to save to your Google Drive.
  7. Rest is easy, give a name to your document if you wish and save it.
  8. Now your doc is available at your Google Drive, where you can view it and store it to your local folder, so that you can view when you are offline. If you are using some other PDF reader app you can easily convert to that too.

Hope, the above info will help you save your desired webpages as PDFs in your iPad device with much more ease.


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