Uploading image in .gif or .jpg or .png format in windows pc

In today’s world for various purposes we are required to upload our images or photos on the web. A common problem we often encounter while uploading is the requirement of uploading photos in .gif or .jpg or .png format. So here are some quick steps to get such an image easily uploaded in a windows pc (for non-windows users, not sure if the process will be same or not):

  1. First, select the image and right click, then from the options list choose ‘open with’, then find ‘Paint’ option and left click on ‘Paint’.
  2. Now the photo is open in paint. Here on the top left, you may find an option called ‘File’, click on it.
  3. On clicking ‘File’ a drop down menu should be available to you, in which you may choose the option ‘Save as’.
  4. Rest is probably clear. Now you have multiple options to save as- .gif or .jpg or .png format.
  5. Click on the desired format and then save it to your desired location.
  6. Now your photo is ready to be uploaded in the asked format.

Hope this short guide was helpful.