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    How to move between tabs in MacBook using keyboard only? 

    We might require to switch between tabs in any browser like safari or chrome or among tabs in the finder. To do that without using mouse following is to be done:

    Press command key and then any key between 1 to 9 to move among the nine opened tabs.

    It would not work for the tenth tab onward

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    How to use right click function by Chromebook pc’s touch pad? 

    When a regular windows user switches to a Chromebook one problem he might find is, with right clicking function of its touch pad because no such feature is present there (as in my Chromebook too). So here is the solution for it.

    Actually, right clicking in touch pad of Chromebook can be done in 2 ways.

    First, is to tap gently with two fingers slightly apart, and the function that you expect from the right click will become evident. The biggest demerit of this process is sometimes the touch pad might not appreciate the pressure and you might require repeated similar strokes, and that probably holds true for other windows based laptops too.

    The second way is a more stable path in my view. In this, one has to simply click (press to click) on the touch-pad with 2 fingers instead of tapping. It seems, clicks are better perceived than gentle taps and the right click function is easily obtained by clicking by pressing with 2 fingers. Unlike, regular mouses or touch pads you don´t need to think of left or right click feature, simply the no. of fingers you use will dictate your instruction to the Chromebook. When using a single finger,its like the left click and and 2 fingers will count for right click.

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    How to take screenshot on iPad? 

    Taking a screenshot is sometimes the easiest thing to do to keep a piece of web information or data handy, and it’s probably the fastest way too. Once you learn how to take screenshot in your iPad device, you may easily be able to keep lot of website clips of your interest in seconds.

    Try the following to take a screenshot on your iPad device:

    1. Press hold the button you have in the front of your device.

    2. While pressing the above, next press the power button.

    3. The screenshot must be taken, it would store at your pictures section. You will here a clutch type sound if your speakers are on and see a gentle blink on the screen.


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    How to save pages as PDFs in your iPad device? 

    Those who were users of computers and now started to use the iPad, a common deficiency many users feel, is the lack of printing or saving facility of desired webpages as PDFs in their iPad device, alike they do in their regulars laptops or pcs.

    Until recently to the best of my knowledge no such facility really existed, other than taking screenshots, but now there is one, which is quite handy and user friendly.

    Try the following to save a PDF of print of a webpage of your interest:

    1. To use the service you need use the Chrome browser of ‘Google’. Which is easily available at your app store.
    2. After this download the Google Drive app from the store.
    3. Log in with your ID to your Google drive account.
    4. Once your Chrome browser is ready to use, open a desired web page, which you wish to save as PDF.
    5. Next, tap on the small icon at top right of your screen in the browser, which displays the various list of options like- ‘New Tab’ etc.  Scroll down the list until you reach the option ‘Print’.
    6. This will display you the options via which you can print or save as PDF. Choose the Google option and it will prompt you to save to your Google Drive.
    7. Rest is easy, give a name to your document if you wish and save it.
    8. Now your doc is available at your Google Drive, where you can view it and store it to your local folder, so that you can view when you are offline. If you are using some other PDF reader app you can easily convert to that too.

    Hope, the above info will help you save your desired webpages as PDFs in your iPad device with much more ease.

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    Uploading image in .gif or .jpg or .png format in windows pc 

    In today’s world for various purposes we are required to upload our images or photos on the web. A common problem we often encounter while uploading is the requirement of uploading photos in .gif or .jpg or .png format. So here are some quick steps to get such an image easily uploaded in a windows pc (for non-windows users, not sure if the process will be same or not):

    1. First, select the image and right click, then from the options list choose ‘open with’, then find ‘Paint’ option and left click on ‘Paint’.
    2. Now the photo is open in paint. Here on the top left, you may find an option called ‘File’, click on it.
    3. On clicking ‘File’ a drop down menu should be available to you, in which you may choose the option ‘Save as’.
    4. Rest is probably clear. Now you have multiple options to save as- .gif or .jpg or .png format.
    5. Click on the desired format and then save it to your desired location.
    6. Now your photo is ready to be uploaded in the asked format.

    Hope this short guide was helpful.

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    Where is the ‘Home’ and ‘End’ key in a Chromebook? 

    Like various other keys which are generally present on traditional keyboards, Chromebooks lacks the ‘Home’ and ‘End’ key. However, there is no reason to despair for that, there is an alternative solution provided in the Chromebooks, only thing is you should be aware of it to use.

    To enable the ‘Home’ and ‘End’ key function do the following-

    -first choose a sentence or word and place the cursor at the beginning of it.

    -secondly, press the ‘search’ key (the key with a search symbol on it), and while pressing it next press the right side (or forward) direction indicating arrow key. This will take the cursor to the end of the sentence directly. So this is how you can do the ‘End’ key function on the Chromebook.

    -in the same manner if you repeat the maneuver by pressing the left side ( or backward) direction indicating key it will take the cursor back to the beginning of the sentence or word. This is a function that is similar to the function of ‘home’key in traditional key boards.

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    How to type 10 to the power 5 in windows pc? 


    One way of writing it will be like the following –

    But that obviously don’t give the hand written superscripted power flavor.

    To get a superscripted touch in your pc you may try the following –

    In word document you can do it easily. In one of the most popularly used word document simply select the digits you wish to superscript and press ctrl +shift +plus (➕) sign.

    10 to the power 5 was an example only, using this technique you can type anything to the power anything.

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    How to open documents and files by a single click in windows pc? 

    DSC_2198Here we are talking about windows pcs. If double clicking of every document or file to open it is a cumbersome job for you, specially if you require working on pcs for long hours, this post is most likely for you.

    Opening files and documents by a single click is a very easy procedure.

    Follow the steps below if you are using windows 7 or 8 pc-

    1. Press the windows key, then type ‘single click’ or ‘click’
    2. You will get an option asking you to specify single or double click option- clink on this option
    3. Now a window should open named ‘folder options’- here you will find an option that allows you to do work in a single click- simply choose it and click ‘apply’ or ‘ok’ and you are done.
    4.  Now try opening any file on your desktop, it should open by one click.

    In windows XP pc the process is almost similar, except that it don’t have a sophisticated search function.

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