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My son has died of AIDS.~Nelson Mandela
I know one man who was impotent who gave AIDS to his wife and the only thing they did was kiss.~Pat Robertson
This AIDS stuff is pretty scary. I hope I don’t get it.~Robert Mapplethorpe
We need men and women to sit down and talk to each other about sex honestly and openly. That would help us fight Aids so immediately. But our lack of communication is hugely problematic.~Emma Thompson
Give a child love, laughter and peace, not AIDS.~Nelson Mandela

Do blood sucking creatures like mosquitoes or bed bugs spread HIV infection from one person to another?


Till date there is no evidence suggesting that blood sucking insects LIKE MOSQUITOES OR BED BUGS spread HIV infection.


Decreasing HIV risk, in injection drug users

About 80% of all AIDS cases that occur in regions like Eastern Europe and Central Asia are due to injection drug uses like heroin etc. Although much of this couldn’t be prevented till date, now there is some hope of preventing an occurrence of AIDS in these individuals.

A Bangkok based study revealed that use of anti-HIV medications by injection drug users can almost half the risk of acquiring AIDS. Previously such prophylaxis showed some promise in men practicing sex with same-sex individuals and also in those practising  heterosexual relationships.

This is a remarkable advancement towards AIDS prevention.

Spread of Aids in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Spread of Aids in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Please cross check information from other sources too. 
For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. 
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Beware of unclean endoscopies

diagram of a human digestive system
human digestive system

Endoscopy is becoming an increasingly common investigation these days. They are used to visualize various parts of our food path i.e. gastrointestinal system. Colonoscopy is also a type of endoscopy in which the colon is visualized. Recently in US, a report came out where many endoscopes (endoscopes are the long tube like instruments used during endoscopy) were checked if they were properly cleaned.The outcome showed that good number of improperly cleaned endoscopes were in use on patients. Such unclean endoscopes have high risk of contaminating one patient with another patient’s infection including some of the life threatening ones like HIV, Hepatitis B or C etc. Continue reading Beware of unclean endoscopies

HIV threat at Dentist’s office

Are you ever scared of visiting a dentist’s office, no not talking about those dental procedures of scaling, filling, hammering or extraction rather pointing towards the serious type of hygiene or infection fear while sitting in a dental chair. If you never thought of this issue I urge you to think now, so that next time you visit your dentist’s office you can assure your safety. Continue reading HIV threat at Dentist’s office