What is love? Chemistry or biology?

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It is not uncommon to find people referring to love and sex as a ‘CHEMISTRY’ that plays between a couple, which finally leads to the emotional and physical bondage between them. But have you ever wondered if the word ‘CHEMISTRY’ is a misnomer with respect to love and sex?

When we talk about pure chemistry, technically it means either organic or inorganic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry primarily deals with various raw materials like iron, arsenic, cobalt etc. It’s less likely that inorganic chemistry has any major relation with love, maybe organic chemistry might have some relations. Every sex-related hormone has some sort of chemical structure, which has chemical bonds. So in this way, we may relate love and sex with a branch of ‘CHEMISTRY’ called ‘organic chemistry’.

However, biology also seems to be important for love and sex. Sensations perceived via various sensory pathways (like visual, auditory, tactile (i.e. touch), olfactory (i.e. smell) etc.) are probably the first few sparks that are required to ignite the engine of love and passion in our brain which finally gears up the reproductive (genital) organs to complete the purpose of mating.

For the process of lovemaking, two hormones known as testosterone and oestrogen have very important roles. Estrogen gives females their lady contour by throwing more fat to specific sites of their body to squeeze out man’s passion. Similar is testosterone, takes care of the masculine features of a male which makes women wild.

Photo by Andreas Wohlfahrt on Pexels.com

For rotating the wheel of love effectively the role of our nervous system can’t be undermined. Our nervous system can actually drive you crazy during the act of orgasm. Male depend solely on this system from erection to ejaculation.

Hypothalamus of our brain has a structure called septal nucleus which is responsible for our sexual urges. Besides that, we have a system in our brain called ‘limbic system’ which is too responsible for the sexual act.

One part of the brain, the Limbic System deals with and regulates emotions, memory, and sexual arousal. When it is not working properly, you will have feelings of depression and lethargy.

Therefore, it does not seem to be totally correct to define love and sex as the chemistry between two individuals, rather it’s more of raw hardcore BIOLOGY amalgamated with organic chemistry.

Before concluding I would love to leave this job into the reader’s hand to decide if love and sex is chemistry or biology. Whichever it may be, it should probably give us the eternal feeling of liveliness.