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When they tell you that you have cancer, you panic.~Sofia Vergara

Cannabis kills cancer cells

God or mother nature probably created everything on earth for a good reason to continue the flow of life. Unfortunately we humans are always the main culprits to make wrong use of things that we got from mother nature. The plant cannabis had always been used by man as a substance abuse drug and so many crimes have taken place in relation to its abuse and farming.

Now at the dawn of 21st century we are getting the clues about the good side of these substance abusing agents. Already opium’s goodness is established in decreasing pain in terminally ill cancer patients etc. Recently US government confirmed that cannabinoid a component of  cannabis can kill cancer cells in mice and rats, however there effectiveness on human cancer cells are yet to be proven. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean cancer patients should start taking cannabis. You need to wait with time until some definite info in this regard becomes available.

Read an excerpt:

The US government has confirmed that cannabis can kill cancer cells after the drug did so in tests on mice and rats, according to the National Cancer Institute.

The development will provide further ammunition for pro-legalisation campaigners.

On its website The National Cancer Institute, part of the US department of health, said: “Laboratory and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids (the active ingredient in cannabis) may be able to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells.

“They may inhibit tumour growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumours to grow.”

The studies in rodents show that cannabinoids may reduce the risk of colon, liver and breast cancer, and could make chemotherapy more effective.

But researchers added: “At this time, there is not enough evidence to recommend that patients inhale or ingest cannabis as a treatment for cancer-related symptoms or side effects of cancer therapy.”

In many US states where cannabis is already legal for medicinal use, cancer patients have long been using the drug to ease pain.

The Cancer Research charity reacted cautiously, saying there was no evidence of a similar effect in humans.

via US government says cannabis kills cancer cells – Telegraph.


Breast cancer – causes, tests and treatment

According to a 2008 report breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in females and caused more than four hundred thousand deaths of women around the world in 2008 (link).

Although in developed nations there are standard protocols followed to detect breast cancer early but the scenario in developing nations is quite different and many cases are diagnosed at much late state and makes saving life difficult. Breast cancer can occur in both male and female since both have breasts, but much more common in females.

What are the causes of breast cancer?

Till date probably no single answer is available, following are proposed genetics, family history, cigarette smoking, alcohol, certain meat products etc.

In terms of genes responsible for breast cancer two are commonly heard in news and internet and presently a topic of discussion in courts of certain nations in patent issue i.e. BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene. Presence of BRCA genes are not definitive for breast cancer diagnosis but may help suspect significantly in women with family history of breast cancer.

Next is how does breast cancer present? Well not always a symptom or a mass in breast can be felt, but some can feel certain lumps in breast. Certain breast cancers can cause breast skin dimpling. In past self breast examination was much talked about but in recent days it’s not a reliable method since not always a mass is palpable by hands and even a doctor can miss it. Hence in developed nations an X-ray of breast called mammogram is recommended for all women after the fourth decade of life. Although a cancer can be present before fourth decade of life but mammograms are unable to pick up such cancers at young ages since breast tissue is too dense at that age.

English: Mammography in process: Shown is a dr...
Mammogram process

If mammogram shows any breast cancer hint then a pathologic examination (cytology or biopsy) might follow as a next step. There is a term called triple assessment – which includes clinical assessment, imaging assessment (mammogram or ultrasound) and pathologic assessment (cytology or biopsy). These tests are done as part of screening exam for breast cancer.

If a breast cancer is diagnosed the doctor will decide the stage of the cancer and might recommend surgery or radiation or chemotherapy depending upon the stage and spread. Axillary lymph nodes in axilla are common sites where breast cancer metastasis (i.e. spread). Although it can spread to various body parts like vertebra, brain etc.

Certain breast cancers are called estrogen receptor positive (since estrogen receptors are found in this cancers), they are treated with a drug called tamoxifen. Another drug you may have heard of which is called trastuzumab, is used for breast cancers that express a protein called HER2 protein.

English: A series of six illustrations showing...
English: A series of six illustrations showing how to do breast self examination (BSE)

Please cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. References- 1,2

How can you know if you have breast cancer?

A lump or mass in breast generally warns a person to visit the doctor’s office for an evaluation of breast cancer. However, not always a symptom occur or a mass in breast is felt. Certain breast cancers can cause breast skin dimpling.

In past self breast examination was much talked about but in recent days it’s not thought as a reliable method anymore. Hence a X-ray of the breast called ‘mammogram’ is done when breast cancer is suspected or as a part of screening. Mammograms are generally unable to pick up  breast cancers that occur at young age, since breast tissue is too dense in young females.
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Vitamin C in cancer cure

tomatoVitamin C is a water soluble vitamin referred as ascorbic acid in the scientific world. Our body can’t store this vitamin, since it gets excreted via urine. Therefore, a continuous intake of this vitamin is required.

Why this vitamin is important for our health? It helps our skin capillaries to remain intact and prevent bleeding and also helps in wound healing.

What happens if we lack this vitamin? A well known disease called scurvy occurs when one lacks it in his or her body. Scurvy is characterized by gum bleeding.

From what sources can we get this vitamin? Obviously from a bunch of plant sources like grapes, guava, lemon, orange, tomato, garlic etc. Well commercial preparations of this vitamin are also available in stores, but that might not be a wise way to take it since you are possibly going to miss the fiber rich pulp of the plant products, when you are taking the vitamin extract. Read somewhere that in old times sailors used to carry lemons with them when they went for long voyages to avoid vitamin C deficiency.

Does vitamin C prevent Cancer? Continue reading Vitamin C in cancer cure

Does staying near overhead power lines cause leukemia in children?

Leukemia is a cancer of blood and bone marrow. Its rather a broad term, in the sense that it can include various sort of cancers originating from blood cells and marrow cells. Generally, children with this disease respond better than adult, to treatment. Various causes are doubted including genes to radiation exposure. One interesting thing which is doubted as a cause of leukemia in children is overhead power lines.

Does leukemia occur to children who stay near over head power lines? The answer according to recent findings is probably no. It may had been true in 1960s or 70s but not any more.

Read an excerpt:

Data on 16,500 children who developed leukaemia in Britain between 1962 and 2008 was analysed.

The paper found no increased leukaemia risk for those living near power lines from the 1980s onwards – but a higher risk did exist in the 1960s and 70s.

The researchers said the findings were “reassuring” but work was being done to understand the historical patterns.

Leukaemia accounts for around a third of all cancers diagnosed in children.

Around 460 new cases of leukaemia are diagnosed in children under the age of 15 each year in Britain.

via BBC News – Power lines: No child leukaemia risk.

For all your health concerns please be guided by your health care provider and not this blog. Cross check information here from other sources too.

Indoor tanning and cancer risk

Today we will talk about skin tanning.

What is it? How common is it? And if there is any bad effect of tanning?

Tanning is process used to darken skin color. Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure from sun or artificial sources cause skin color to darken. If you see western movies, tanning is shown in different form. Sunbath, which was once very popular was used by many to tan their skin by using the UV light of sun. Another form of tanning is also popular called artificial tanning, in which people get their skin tanned by lying in a tanning bed fixed with fluorescent lamps that emit UV light. Continue reading Indoor tanning and cancer risk

Alcohol can cause low blood sugar & skin cancer

When we humans consume alcohol, like most other drugs, it goes through certain metabolic processes. Interestingly, our liver produces an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase, which converts alcohol to acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde, is further degraded by another enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.

So let  us see how is this acetaldehyde formation in body is important in various way: Continue reading Alcohol can cause low blood sugar & skin cancer