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The briefcase story: part 6: citation styling



During the interrogation session, when the officers asked if I posses any photos of items found in the briefcase (which Rasley had send me by courier) I had to inform them that all photos of the contents of the briefcase were in my laptop and camera, which were then with the robbers. Police officers made attempt to establish contact with the officials of the country to which I visited, for the contents of the briefcase, but it didn’t work out because of poor political ties between the nations.

It was gradually becoming apparent to me and the police that those who mugged my laptop and camera were well aware that I no longer possessed the briefcase and all its contents were captured in my camera and laptop.  But what was suspicious was why were those thugs after those boring content of the briefcase.

I was quite sure that the thugs wouldn’t be able to dig into my laptop as it was password protected but my camera didn’t have any password. Not sure if any one sets a password for a camera.
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Photo: cloud seeds on sky field

DSC_0236Clouds always look attractive to me, therefore I never miss an opportunity to catch them in my camera.

However clouds look different when they are seen from the ground or earth, from the sky, from under water and from space. I took this shot from the window of an airplane. I have multiple photos of cloud with me but this one is special because of its paddy field type look.

Before taking the shot when I saw this cloud stream on sky I felt like someone has planted cloud seeds on the sky bed like a farmer does while cultivating crops in rows. The glimpse lasted for about 5-10 minutes on sky. This photo makes me think, you don’t really always need to climb the Everest or go to Antarctica to see the amazing beauty of mother nature. They are scattered all around us, all you need is an observation to view them.