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Beware of unclean endoscopies

diagram of a human digestive system
human digestive system

Endoscopy is becoming an increasingly common investigation these days. They are used to visualize various parts of our food path i.e. gastrointestinal system. Colonoscopy is also a type of endoscopy in which the colon is visualized. Recently in US, a report came out where many endoscopes (endoscopes are the long tube like instruments used during endoscopy) were checked if they were properly cleaned.The outcome showed that good number of improperly cleaned endoscopes were in use on patients. Such unclean endoscopes have high risk of contaminating one patient with another patient’s infection including some of the life threatening ones like HIV, Hepatitis B or C etc. Continue reading Beware of unclean endoscopies


Doctor of choice for overweight individuals

If you are an overweight or obese person and planning to get  a control on your pound scale what is your mental architecture about the doctor you visit? Well what I want to mean is, do your doctor’s physical outfit make you motivated to stick to their dietary health  advises. To dilute the issue furthermore- how comfortable are you as an overweight individual to get health tips from a slim and trim doctor.

Whatever your answer is here is what studies say about this particular behavior of overweight/obese persons. The finding is that obese patients trust health related dietary advice given by a obese doctor more. This is probably due to the feeling of being in same situation and sharing same difficulties due to increased body weight. But what will happen if the doctor loses weight in the meantime, because one can’t keep that overweight figure forever to inspire his/her patients. Well answer to it will also be available someday, hopefully.

Hawaiian woman

Please cross check informations from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Reference: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_137623.html

Career in healthcare

English: Fill the Gap!
Fill the Gap!

Many people believe that healthcare professionals (like doctors etc.) who help decrease their sufferings by means of providing treatment  are like angels or sometimes even compared with god although they are purely humans and themselves too prone to illness and sufferings. Yes they serve mankind hence they are health workers.

Choosing to be a part of health care providing family can be a decision boosted since our childhood although at any part of life we can really take part to serve the humans but certain issues are there which should be considered to be a health care professional. Currently in most part of the globe where a scientific way of medicine practice is followed there are certain standard paths to follow to be a health care professional.

Apart from certain alternative medicine streams mainstream medicine have certain requirements to be fulfilled to be eligible to serve human health and those are obtaining certain certifications from the medical regulatory authorities.

Whatever the profession you may choose to be in – a doctor or a nurse or a physiotherapist or some other type of health profession getting certified by the respective boards of the country where one intends to practice is mostly a compulsory requirement. This certification process is important probably because todays health care involves a lot of education and scientific training hence just the will to serve mankind without those training might not be of much worth.

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