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    Doctors who put us into sleep are alike airline pilots 

    pexels-photo-685311.jpegDoctors who make people sleep during a surgery are called anaesthetists. Besides sedating they also make attempt to decrease consciousness of the patient or numb a particular body part during surgeries. They anesthetise people by various methods like giving anaesthetic gases through our inhalation path or by giving some anaesthetic drug through the veins. Here in this discussion we will be primarily talking about an anesthesia known as general anaesthesia, in which the anaesthetist puts the patient into a deep sleep like state so that the later can’t perceive any pain during the surgery. In contrast, local anaesthesia is different where a particular body part is anesthetised and the patient is generally awake.

    That was a brief introduction about anesthetists, now let’s talk about airline pilots. Obviously, I don’t need to spend many words to explain who are they, as most of us know about them. Airline pilots are those professionals who fly an aircraft.

    Have you ever noted any similarities between these two set of professionals i.e. the pilots and the anaesthetists. Interestingly, this author feels they have a similar type of working style, although they work with completely different stuff at a totally dissimilar environment.

    During surgeries under general anaesthesia the anaesthetists work like a pilot in a disciplined and steady manner. Like a pilot who checks all necessary equipment’s before taking off, the anaesthetist too crosschecks different instruments and parameters he will need throughout the surgery.

    Before take-off, a pilot will also try to acquire information about the weather conditions he might be facing while the aircraft will be in the sky. An anaesthesia doctor also does a similar type of job, like knowing the type of surgery, possible risks that might be involved during the operation, any special precautions if needed etc., so that the surgery flows smoothly.

    Once the aeroplane is in the air the autopilot takes care of most of the things and unless the ride is too bumpy or difficult one. Similarly, in the current time anaesthetists depend on certain automatic machines partly and sometimes almost totally to take care of parameters like blood pressure, heart rate etc. and drive the surgical procedure cool like an autopilot of an aeroplane (however not always, sometimes surgeries also goes arduous).

    Finally, an aeroplane has to land to complete the journey. Believe it or not, if you have ever visited an operation theatre the feel of completing the anesthetic care after a general anesthesia is remarkably same as landing an aircraft. Just as pilots prepare for landing including turning seatbelt signs on for passengers, anaesthetists too prepare themselves in a similar way when the surgery is going to end. Anaesthesia doctors will start giving certain medications and interventions to return the patient to awake, alert and oriented state.

    Anaesthesia doctors are a real boon for human life since they serve as an armour of the surgeon to take care of their patients on operating table. Likewise are the airline pilots who stay alert and vigilant to take us to reach us to our desired destination safely. Through this post let’s show our gratitude to both types of these professionals for serving the mankind daily, silently.

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    Does exposure to cold causes common cold? 

    Many a times, we find that if we don’t take proper protection from cold, we might catch a flu and have runny nose and fever for about a week. That means we can get a viral due to cold sometimes.

    “Getting exposure to cold means getting a cold” – is not the rule, if it was so then 99% of the inhabitants of the cold weather nations should have got flu 24*7 and 365 days. However, that don’t happen. Cold weather don’t necessarily mean you will get a ‘common cold’, a dirty viral illness which can spoil your new year celebrations.

    Then how is cold associated with common cold. You can get cold, no matter you live in warm or cold climate. When your body is not protected properly from the harshness of severe weather or when you are exposed to situations above your tolerance duration like a bath in ice cool water for more time than you can really tolerate or staying in wet cloth for long hours, allowing your body heat to evaporate fast. Such cold exposures which don’t help to maintain you core body temperature, disturbs the way your immune system defend your body from common cold. So the temporary weakening or malfunction of immune system due to decreased body temperature will fail to protect the body from viruses that can cause common cold. Hence it is true that sometimes cold can give you a common cold.

    Hope you don’t get a single episode of common cold this year.

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    Chronic kidney disease and protein diet 

    wpid-wp-1412484257914.jpegGenerally in advanced cases of kidney failure, protein diet restriction is advised.


    The protein products like meat and fish, which we eat get degraded in our body and these degraded metabolites act as toxins, since the chronically ill kidneys can’t flush them out of the body. Healthy kidneys would be successfully removing such toxins.

    When  these metabolites of protein accumulate they can aggravate the nitrogenous compound load on kidney and worsen the feeling of nausea, vomiting and other uremic symptoms. Furthermore, they can damage the kidney by increasing its filtration and more proteins might drain out of the body. It’s bit complex to understand properly.

    Is there any negative consequence of protein restricted diet?

    Yes. As protein is an essential component of our health since our muscles and various other organs are made of protein, lack of protein can cause an under-nourished health condition (referred as protein energy malnutrition). Therefore, total or absolute protein restriction is also not desirable.

    How much protein should you consume if you have a chronic kidney disease?

    Ask your health care provider how much protein should you consume. Based on individual person’s health status the requirement might vary from person to person.

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    How washing cloths by hands can be more beneficial than by a washing machine? 

    Which is a better way to wash clothes – by hands or by a washing machine?

    Well both have its pros and cons but these author feels a combination of both is an ideal.

    Washing using hands can be beneficial in many ways, if you know how to do it scientifically.

    Firstly, when cloths are washed by hands it avoids the extra burden of space required for keeping a washing machine at home and cuts electricity requirement. However now a days washing machine companies are putting efforts to make energy efficient washing machines of different sizes and capacities.

    Water requirement in hand washed can be much less if used in a perfect manner.

    Washing machines many a times are blamed for damaging the color and texture of the fabric (which may also be due to usage of inappropriate amount of or quality of detergent or due to improper selection of the mode of washing like slow, fast etc.). Such problems can be optimized by cleaning garments manually with appropriate usage of detergent.

    Next we will try to discuss how can we wash cloths by our hands effectively with positive results in terms of washing and health:

    1. Manual washing of cloths engages you to some amount of physical activity and that’s definitely a benefit in today’s sedentary type lifestyle.

    2. Try to wash your cloths regularly. This will allow you to wear clean cloths. It’s probably better than keeping cloths stored for the entire week or month and then washing in one go in a washing machine since it increases the number of your cloth requirement. In addition to that sweaty cloths when kept for long time unwashed, may invite bacteria and fungus to grow in it which may not be properly removed while washing, since you are not sterilizing you cloths but simply washing them.

    3. Frequent washing can decrease the requirement of the total amount of detergent requirement for a month. You will generally not need a lot of detergent if you have washed your cloths 3-4 days back.

    4. Washing of undergarments and socks daily is also a hygienic practice. For such undergarments washing machines are to huge mostly and our hands are the best tool.

    5. You really don’t need to wriggle the cloths to wash by hand and can avoid stress and injury to your hands. If you are washing cloths regularly in frequent intervals you may simply dip cloths in the small amount of detergent water and allow 10 -15 minutes to soak. Following this fiddle the cloths gently in the bucket for 30 seconds or up to a minute and then take it and put it on the tap head or something like that. Then allow the water to fall off on its own for about 30 seconds. Again fill the bucket with clean water and rinse the cloth for another half a minute and may repeat the process for 2-3 times. Your cloths must be washed by now. Therefore, by keeping cloths on tap head and allowing it to dehydrate, you avoided wriggling.

    6. The benefit of using less amount of detergent is that it can be washed away properly and little or no remnant of it will be there to hurt your skin. Since detergent are chemicals they can cause skin problems.

    7. Once properly rinsed in clean water, just hang them properly from a rope and use hangers when appropriate. The remaining water will fall on its own and it will dry up. Cloths that are hanged without wriggling from a hanger retain lot of its ironed texture and many a times you may find it usable without repeat ironing or just a mild press may be needed.

    Despite the benefits of washing cloths by hands as cited above, there are certain instances when a washing machine may be a better option. Washing machine is beneficial for washing clothes that are too heavy and tiring for your back muscles like curtains, bedsheets etc. You may give these sort of things in a washing machine or to commercial washing services.

    Furthermore, washing machine might be helpful if you have some health problem that restricts you from doing the act of washing by hand like problem of spine, wrist etc. And obviously, if you are too busy to curtail some amount of time to wash your cloths washing machine might be your best domestic servant.

    Be careful if you have small babies or children or pets at home they many a times accidentally get into a washing machine and may risk their lives. So be aware of that, many such incidents are reported and you can find by a doing some search on the internet.

    So, that’s all in this edition from resonance of life. Stay tuned!

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    Pericarditis after myocardial infarction (heart attack) 

    Pericarditis is inflammation that occur in the heart wall known as pericardium.

    Normally pericarditis is treated with NSAIDS (non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs like ibuprofen).

    However in case of pericarditis developing after a myocardial infarction (heart attack) NSAIDS are not used for treatment as there may be risk of aneurysm formation and rupture of heart muscle, during the initial phase of recovery after a myocardial infarction.

    Henceforth, opiate based drugs may be used to treat pericarditis developing after myocardial infarction.

    Pericarditis that develop following a myocardial infarction generally tend to occur after 1 or 2 days after the latter. Patients with possible pericarditis might complain of chest pain that increases in certain body positions and/or on inspiration.

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    When can you start regular physical activity after a heart attack? 

    Heart attack is one of the worst health nightmare you can imagine of. Not all heart attacks are same and severity of it varies from patient to patient. Most people after surviving a heart attack and following their discharge from hospital are haunted by the question when can they return to their daily normal active life.

    Well as discussed above the time may vary depending upon the severity of the heart attack. Generally the oxygen deprived wall of heart takes about 4-6 weeks to  get healed by means of fibrosis. Therfore, one should take rest for this period in minimum following which he or she can gradually return to active life. Sexual life can also be resumed then.

    Before wrapping up this discussion I must say that it’s wise to get guided by your doctor because of the above mentioned reason that not every heart attack is of the same type and severity. Different people have different health problems, henceforth such prescriptions are also different.

    Take care of your little beating heart ♥ !

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    Polio vaccine: oral or injection – by which route should it be given to the children? 

    Oral polio drops are most popular for its use in various immunization camps organized by various health organizations around the world, particularly in 3rd world nations. However, where economic constraints are not an issue polio vaccine injections are also used.

    The oral vaccine rarely causes vaccine associated paralytic polio, in view of which certain developed nations are not using oral polio vaccine anymore, instead using injectable polio vaccine.

    Another reason why some nations less prefer the oral polio vaccine is because of the risk of spreading of wild live polio viruses. Oral polio vaccine contains live polio viruses, whereas injectable ones contain killed dead polio viruses.

    In certain developing nations where injectable polio vaccine is given, advise is also given to get the oral vaccine too, as part of various polio irradication initiatives that are taken by various health organizations.

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    Breast cancer – causes, tests and treatment 

    According to a 2008 report breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer in females and caused more than four hundred thousand deaths of women around the world in 2008 (link).

    Although in developed nations there are standard protocols followed to detect breast cancer early but the scenario in developing nations is quite different and many cases are diagnosed at much late state and makes saving life difficult. Breast cancer can occur in both male and female since both have breasts, but much more common in females.

    What are the causes of breast cancer?

    Till date probably no single answer is available, following are proposed genetics, family history, cigarette smoking, alcohol, certain meat products etc.

    In terms of genes responsible for breast cancer two are commonly heard in news and internet and presently a topic of discussion in courts of certain nations in patent issue i.e. BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene. Presence of BRCA genes are not definitive for breast cancer diagnosis but may help suspect significantly in women with family history of breast cancer.

    Next is how does breast cancer present? Well not always a symptom or a mass in breast can be felt, but some can feel certain lumps in breast. Certain breast cancers can cause breast skin dimpling. In past self breast examination was much talked about but in recent days it’s not a reliable method since not always a mass is palpable by hands and even a doctor can miss it. Hence in developed nations an X-ray of breast called mammogram is recommended for all women after the fourth decade of life. Although a cancer can be present before fourth decade of life but mammograms are unable to pick up such cancers at young ages since breast tissue is too dense at that age.

    English: Mammography in process: Shown is a dr...
    Mammogram process

    If mammogram shows any breast cancer hint then a pathologic examination (cytology or biopsy) might follow as a next step. There is a term called triple assessment – which includes clinical assessment, imaging assessment (mammogram or ultrasound) and pathologic assessment (cytology or biopsy). These tests are done as part of screening exam for breast cancer.

    If a breast cancer is diagnosed the doctor will decide the stage of the cancer and might recommend surgery or radiation or chemotherapy depending upon the stage and spread. Axillary lymph nodes in axilla are common sites where breast cancer metastasis (i.e. spread). Although it can spread to various body parts like vertebra, brain etc.

    Certain breast cancers are called estrogen receptor positive (since estrogen receptors are found in this cancers), they are treated with a drug called tamoxifen. Another drug you may have heard of which is called trastuzumab, is used for breast cancers that express a protein called HER2 protein.

    English: A series of six illustrations showing...
    English: A series of six illustrations showing how to do breast self examination (BSE)

    Please cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. References- 1,2

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    Chest pain 

    imageWho is not afraid of a heart attack? Probably everyone fears a heart attack. Heart attack commonly presents with chest pain. However, not every chest pain is a heart attack.

    Chest pain can be due to various causes. Some of the common causes are as below –

    Acidity due to reflux of stomach acids can cause a severe chest pain mimicking a heart attack.

    An injury to the chest can also cause chest pain. Similarly a sprain in chest wall muscles can also cause a chest pain. Generally, in this type of pains pressing or gentle tapping of the painful area causes the pain. This is a common tool used by health care professionals to differentiate muscular chest pain from cardiac (ie heart related ) chest pain.

    Next, in the list is chest pain due to lung infections. For example,  pneumonia.

    Finally, is emotional stress. A bad news can present with pain in chest. But that is not the entire story. Even in the above scenarios a real heart attack pain may coexist.

    So, it’s wise not to take chest pain symptoms lightly, and get evaluated by a health care professional.

    To make a diagnosis of heart attack your doctor will probably require few investigations like EKG (ecg ), various cardiac enzyme levels etc.

    One interesting thing which is worth mentioning is that a heart attack can occur even with out a chest pain. Such happens sometimes in those suffering from diabetes.

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    Is it always necessary to give antibiotic to children for fever? 

    One of the most common problem a family doctor might get in his clinic is children presenting with fever.

    Parents are quite anxious when children get fever and are confused many a times when their doctor don’t prescribe antibiotics for the fever 🚸.

    Yes antibiotics may be needed for treatment of fever but not always.

    Most flues are common cold and are generally due to viral illness. Viral infections are not treated with antibiotics unless the illness gets complicated by a bacterial infection. (More …)

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    Which weight loss program to choose? 

    Once you have made up your mind to go for weight loss, next thing that will possibly come to your mind is which weight loss program to choose. Today weight loss programs make up a huge business and plenty of such websites are found online. Weight loss programs range from herbal medications to gym equipment to a lot more.

    And simultaneously most such campaigners will give you guarantee to decrease your weight in certain number of days or to give your money back if you don’t loss weight. Now the question is how safe are these products for your health. To make sure consult with a healthcare provider before going for particular products.

    However, you should know that, its not wise to suddenly loss huge amount of body weight by fasting etc. Gradual weight loss with good lifestyle changes is the ideal thing to do.

    Joining a weight loss program and spending huge amount of money for that is always not necessary. Proper knowledge about good lifestyle changes and dietary habits and sticking to them as much as possible is helpful.

    • Paul Vandyken 2:07 PM on October 17, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hey Dr. Sumanata,
      I was on the hunt for weight loss programs today and found this on your website.
      Thank you for this informative article. I will use some of its points to complete a new writing on my fitness blog.
      Again, thank you for this article!


      • Dr. Sumanta Saha 8:48 AM on October 18, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hello Mr. Paul.
        You are most welcome to this blog.
        I am glad to know that the post served as the fuel to ignite your thought process for your new writing.
        Good luck!


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      Great post. Here i found useful information about how to choose weight loss program
      Weight control center of Minnesota


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