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  • Sumanta 7:08 PM on February 4, 2017 Permalink |
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    Waiting with the sea 

    Where does this story coins? Somewhere along the bay of Arabian Sea in about a stone throw distance away from the sea shore. I am relentlessly waiting for my clients who are yet to show up. It’s afternoon, the small hand of my watch just ticked to one. My present niche includes a small room from where through the tinted glass and over a heavy wire barbed fenced concrete wall, I can see the sea’s dark water splashing the boulders.

    Today the view in this afternoon is bit different, the couples who generally are preoccupied on those boulders ashore busy making intimacy through engaging their wet lips are not present today, may be due to the scorching heat. But the weather’s warmth isn’t annoying my vision at all, because of the filthy spotted glass window.

    Scads of children (boys) are bathing in the sea. Most looks like school students because they were wearing blue trousers and white shirts before dipping themselves in the sea water.  Seeing this high water levels and these lonely unsupervised kids I was trying to recall the  counter scenario at western nations where lifeguards along the coasts are deployed who keep an birds eye on those in the water. But here, along the shore of this developing nation probably ‘luck’ is their only lifeguard and life jacket. No-one cares apparently, except the parents and sometimes the latter too behave reluctant, as any other non human species where roles and responsibilities of parenting retires post breeding. Thankfully, during the entire timespan I scanned my vision in the sea, things were in favour of life and goodness.

    While these kids were splashing themselves to beat the heat, about half a kilometre away from them an amazing play of some avian species were on motion. A huge flock of sea birds were spiralling above the sea water.  They were combing over the sea water using their legs almost alike how we swipe credit cards at a shopping centre. Such natural extravaganza generally ignites a hunch in my brain try understand those phenomenon in absolute details, may be due to too much contemplation of nature and animal related TV shows. Probably those birds are fishing by their claws and hence making repeated attempts to scratch on the sea surface. I desperately felt the need of a telescopic camera through which I could have cropped and saved this piece of moment on my laptop. Sadly, we don’t always carry all accessories we require in our life, and is true in my case too. I appreciated the amazing skill of those birds of nailing through the surface of water with out (possibly) getting wet. It seemed like a small aircraft gently gliding over the surface of water and flying away. Unfortunately, we humans despite having the craziest brains can’t do such an act naturally, due the absence of wings. Nevertheless, the panorama was heart-warming indeed.

    Oh, a client has come, I must return to my real time human life situation and come out of those floating expensive thoughts and plunge my head back into my work. So, let me pull over this writing here, for now.

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    Do you have someone to speak in your life? 

    In today’s busy life when humans are too busy with their daily lives, very less time become available to talk to somebody from the bottom of the heart. I mean a conversation that really sooths your days pain and gives you a feeling of wellbeing. Well someone can derive such by talking to his or her business clients but not everyone I suppose. Others will probably require a partner preferably (but not always) from out of their work environment.

    Despite the outroar exhibited by many in their social networking profile to be in continuous communication with certain individuals, not necessarily they always will have a interim close relation to speak for hours happily.

    Such warmth full lengthy gossips are not only limited to spouses but may extend to any individual who tunes up with the tune of our heart like parents, children, friend etc.

    These are the gossips that happen without any structured frame of content or for any direct apparent gain. However, I strongly feel that such conversations are important in a man’s life to get relaxed in life and remain focused on work and to enjoy the spirit of life to the fullest.

    All you need is your communicator a honest person with some patience to listen to you and reply back.


  • Sumanta 7:16 PM on November 1, 2015 Permalink |
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    What is love? A chemistry or biology? 

    It is not uncommon to find people referring love and sex as a ‘CHEMISTRY’ that plays between a couple, which finally leads to the emotional and physical bondage between them. But have you ever wondered if the word ‘CHEMISTRY’ is a misnomer with respect to love and sex.

    When we talk about pure chemistry, technically it means either organic or inorganic chemistry. Inorganic chemistry primarily deals with various raw materials like iron, arsenic, cobalt etc. It’s less likely that inorganic chemistry has any major relation with love, may be organic chemistry might have some relations. Every sex related hormone have some sort of chemical structure, which have chemical bonds. So in this way we may relate love and sex with a branch of ‘CHEMISTRY’ called ‘organic chemistry’.

    However, biology also seems to be important for love and sex. Sensations perceived via various sensory pathways (like visual, auditory, tactile (i.e. touch), olfactory (i.e. smell) etc.) are probably the first few sparks that are required to ignite the engine of love and passion in our brain which finally gears up the reproductive (genital) organs to complete the purpose of mating.

    For the process of love making, two hormones known as testosterone and oestrogen have very important roles. Estrogen give females their lady contour by throwing more fat to specific sites of their body to squeeze out man’s passion. Similar is testosterone, takes care of the masculine features of male which makes women wild.

    For rotating the wheel of love effectively the role of our nervous system can’t be undermined. Our nervous system can actually drive you crazy during the act of orgasm. Male depend solely on this system from erection to ejaculation.

    Hypothalamus of our brain have a structure called septal nucleus which is responsible for our sexual urges. Besides that, we have a system in our brain called ‘limbic system’ which is too responsible for the sexual act.

    One part of the brain, the Limbic System deals with and regulates emotions, memory, and sexual arousal. When it is not working properly, you will have feelings of depression and lethargy.

    Therefore, it does not seem to be totally correct to define love and sex as a chemistry between two individuals, rather it’s more of raw hardcore BIOLOGY amalgamated with organic chemistry.

    Before concluding I would love to leave this job into the reader’s hand to decide if love and sex is chemistry or biology. Whichever it may be, it should probably give us the eternal feeling of liveliness.

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