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  • Sumanta 7:23 PM on September 12, 2013 Permalink |
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    Male with small testicles are better fathers 

    This is an era when many young men and women are choosing to hunt their life partner over the internet. There are plenty of such matrimonial websites available all around the globe. What do you think today a bride wants to know about her future husband, before she chooses her finally? Besides the grooms social profile they also take interest about his educational credentials, job and economic profile. In addition to this, now a days various health related information are sought of, particularly the sexually transmissible diseases like HIV. Interestingly, in future some more amazing criteria may looked for in the groom and the one we are talking about here is the grooms testicle size.

    Confused? Well let me explain. Recently, evidences by anthropologists found that men with small sized testicles are more caring than men with big testes. May be a old saying holds true – all that is big might not be better. When these men with small testes were showed their children’s picture, fMRI scans of their brain (fMRI i.e. functional-MRI, a new type of MRI scan that looks into blood’s moving pattern in brain) revealed increased activity in certain regions in brain. Since, women mostly look for a husband who will be caring to her kids, it’s likely in future such a criteria may be sought of in a groom’s credential. The size measurement shouldn’t be a headache, a ultra sonographer can provide most details of its topography like weight, volume, size etc.

    Finally, there is one issue in regard to this which might not comfort men. It’s yet to be proved if being a caring father decreases the testes size or smaller testes size makes a male a caring father. It’s still in stage of- egg or chicken, which came first?

    Read an excerpt in this regard:

    A link between the size of a father\’s testicles and how active he is in bringing up his children has been suggested by scientists.

    Researchers at Emory University, US, said those with smaller testicles were more likely to be involved with nappy changing, feeding and bath time.

    They also found differences in brain scans of fathers looking at images of their child, linked to testicle size.

    via BBC News – Testicle size ‘link to father role’.

    A link to another interesting article related to fMRI- Viewing pain

    You may share your opinions below in the comments section. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Please cross check information from other sources too.

  • Sumanta 4:02 PM on April 21, 2013 Permalink |
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    Vitamin E and sperms 

    Vitamin E is a well-known fat soluble vitamin for its antioxidant actions. Few food products rich in vitamin E are: sunflower oil, safflower oil, almonds, mangoes,avocados etc. Studies have shown that vitamin E if taken along with certain antiestrogenic drugs (like clomiphene ) can increase sperm count and sperm motility.

    Low sperm count is called oligospermia (generally less than 15 million sperms per ml) and decreased sperm motility is called asthenospermia. Oligospermia isn’t an uncommon cause of oligospermia.

    Clomiphene is an anti-estrogenic drug used for treatment of infertility. Clomiphene is used in women to induce ovulation as a part of infertility treatment in women. Although people are concerned about risk of various infertility drugs a recent study showed no association between infertility drugs and ovarian cancer.


    You may share your opinions below in the comments section. Please cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider.References:1,2,3,4

    • James 11:10 AM on February 4, 2018 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      We use sunflower oil for cooking and i love eating almonds, good to know that both of these are rich in vitamin E, now feeling relieved from having vitamin E deficiency.


  • Sumanta 3:39 PM on April 5, 2013 Permalink |
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    Male baldness can cause heart problems 

    Are you a male with baldness problem? There is an uncomfortable news breaking in for men with baldness on top of head and crown region (i.e. the region just behind the top region) of head. According to a Japanese study researchers found that baldness of  top of head and crown region has link with coronary artery disease (a heart disease that can lead to fatal complications like a heart attack; coronary arteries are arteries found in the wall of heart).

    Probably not much we can do when baldness starts, but instead of going to a beautician on first instance to solve baldness related looks issue we might need to visit a doctor to assure our heart health first. Take care!
    balding head in bus

    Please cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Reference:  LINK

  • Sumanta 1:30 AM on April 4, 2013 Permalink |
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    Cancer patients fighting infertility 

    Infertility stories aren’t uncommon in young male cancer patients. Although testicular cancer can affect the sperm health, cancers from other parts of the body don’t always spread to the testes but still the patient’s sperm quality might get affected and can cause infertility. Such harsh effect of sperm health is mainly because of the side effects of various treatment modalities used to treat cancer (for example chemotherapy).

    Now a new solution to protect fertility in cancer patients is probably encroaching in, if male cancer patients preserve their sperm via cryopreservation (i.e. preservation in sub zero temperature or cooling) before they start their cancer treatment they might be able to use those sperms later in life whenever they plan to be father by various assisted reproduction treatments.

    Although this new fertility preserving method in cancer patients might sound like common sense but probably the truth is that most scientific discoveries are a type of common sense, for example try thinking of Newton’s gravity discovery by virtue of an apple fall from tree.

    Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

    Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

    Please cross check information from other sources too. 
    For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider.
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