How is on board flight meals in the Indian sky?

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In the last few years, the Indian sky has been occupied by an increasing number of flights, since a lot of companies took interest in the business in the airline industry of this highly populated nation.

Onboard meals have been an interesting and attractive thing for many passengers who flew in flights ran by the airline services that the country’s government run. Sadly most commercial flights to the best of these author’s knowledge don’t provide free meals on board.

The airline companies are probably not in a mood to give free complementary meal services at the current time but they might change their views if few more airlines come up with free complementary on board meals, to thrive the competition.

In India, once the scenario was like only rich man traveled by air, but today air travel is no more a luxury, it’s a necessity to save time. Since the price of flights has dropped significantly in the recent time many people who still burgeon to buy a kilo of potato or who spent each peny from pocket cautiously are choosing to fly.

The price in which the food is offered on board or in the airports are probably not matching the pockets of middle class Indians. I remember two samosas being sold in 90 rupees at an Indian airport.

Onboard where complementary meals are not provided many passengers don’t buy any food except drinking the water, provided free by most airlines till today.

This author believes a complimentary meal makes an air journey enjoying and fun and airline companies should try to think about it positively. While getting a flight ticket this author prefers a flight company that provides complimentary meals than an airline company which is not providing it at the same price. That’s why this author likes Jet Airlines. Passengers love complementary onboard meals, survey it if you doubt!