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Opportunity an eleven letter word is one of the most dreamed and cherished word for humans. Who doesn’t hunt for it? Probably we all are looking for better opportunities at all times in different purposes. From a better paid job to a better place to live, people look for opportunities in various sort of things. Even non-humans species look for a better opportunity to increase their chance of survival in the earth, for example a tiger waits for the perfect timing to attack its prey otherwise the latter might become alert about the approaching carnivore and fle.

Therefore, opportunity seeking is something universal in living beings. But the question is should humans always take an opportunity by any means. The answer of this author is that one must use their own morals while availing an opportunity. One should not access it intentionally by causing harm to another person. Opportunity in the sense of a competition or examination must be available to all eligible candidates and the best deservers should be gifted.

When it comes to basic human needs, like air, water, food, shelter etc., every humans should get equal opportunity irrespective to their age, sex, race, ethnicity etc.


Doctors who put us into sleep are alike airline pilots

Doctors who make people sleep during a surgery are called anaesthetists. Besides sedating they also make attempt to decrease consciousness of the patient or numb a particular body part during surgeries. They anesthetise people by various methods like giving anaesthetic gases through our inhalation path or by giving some anaesthetic drug through the veins. Here in this discussion we will be primarily talking about an anesthesia known as general anaesthesia, in which the anaesthetist puts the patient into a deep sleep like state so that the later can’t perceive any pain during the surgery. In contrast, local anaesthesia is different where a particular body part is anesthetised and the patient is generally awake.

That was a brief introduction about anesthetists, now let’s talk about airline pilots. Obviously, I don’t need to spend much words to explain who are they, as most of us know about them. Airline pilots are those professionals who fly an aircraft.

Have you ever noted any similarities between these two set of professionals i.e. the pilots and the anaesthetists. Interestingly, this author feels they have a similar type of working style, although they work with completely different stuff at totally dissimilar environment.

During surgeries under general anaesthesia the anaesthetists work like a pilot in a disciplined and steady manner. Alike a pilot who checks all necessary equipment’s before taking off, the anaesthetist too cross checks different instruments and parameters he will need throughout the surgery.

Before take-off a pilot will also try to acquire information about the weather conditions he might be facing while the aircraft will be in the sky. An anaesthesia doctor also does similar type of job, like knowing the type of surgery, possible risks that might be involved during the operation, any special precautions if needed etc., so that the surgery flows smoothly.

Once the airplane is in the air the autopilot takes care of most of the things and unless the ride is too bumpy or difficult one. Similarly, in the current time anaesthetists depend on certain automatic machines partly and sometimes almost totally to take care of parameters like blood pressure, heart rate etc. and drive the surgical procedure cool like an autopilot of an airplane (however not always, sometimes surgeries also goes arduous).

Finally, a airplane has to land to complete the journey. Believe it or not if you have ever visited an operation theater the feel of completing the anesthetic care after a general anesthesia is remarkably same as landing an aircraft. Just as pilots prepare for landing including turning seat belt signs on for passengers, anaesthetists too prepare themselves in similar way when the surgery is going to end. Anaesthesia doctors will start giving certain medications and interventions to return the patient to awake, alert and oriented state.

Anaesthesia doctors are real boon for human life since they serve as an armour of the surgeon to take care of the diseased individual. Likewise are the airline pilots who stay alert and vigilant to take us to reach us to our desired destination safely. Through this post let’s show our gratitude to both type of these professionals for serving the mankind daily, silently.

Is it bad to have thoughts racing in our mind?

‘Racing of thoughts’ is a typical phrase used by medical professionals like doctors especially those dealing with the mental health problems of people. It means that a lot of thoughts of various types are coming to and from in the brain very rapidly. The question is if it’s abnormal to have such thought race inside our brain.

The answer according to this author is ‘no’ unless the high speed flow of thoughts are disturbing our daily working life and social life miserably. Otherwise, it’s unlikely to be abnormal.

Here are 2 excerpts  from the web  to know it better-

Racing thoughts refers to the rapid thought patterns that often occur in manic, hypomanic, or mixed episodes. While racing thoughts are most commonly described in people with bipolar disorder and sleep apnea, they are also common with anxiety disorders, OCD, and other psychiatric disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Source: Racing thoughts – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The phenomenon called racing thoughts is distinct from “hearing voices,” which is a symptom of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, severe mania or other psychotic disorders. Racing thoughts can be a symptom of mania or hypomania, but unlike some other symptoms of these moods, they can also occur with depression or an anxiety disorder. Sometimes racing thoughts are accompanied by a pounding heart or pounding pulses, including drumming in the ears.

Source: What Are Racing Thoughts ? – Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

Various individuals may get various types of thoughts rushing in their brains depending upon their profession, social life, thought preferences etc. For example, a receptionist of a hotel who is on his way to his workplace may be preoccupied with thoughts of guests whom he is expecting to meet on reaching his office or the food he is going to have in the dinner or may be the gift which he should present to his girlfriend and so on. It is very hard to predict the spectrum of ideas that can run in a individual’s brain at one time.

I feel that racing of thoughts occur more at times when we are going through some type of stress or when there is no work to do with the active use of mind.

During morning hours while I am waiting at a traffic signal anxiously for the signal light to turn green, variety of thoughts start flowing in my brain like a storm and I try to pick some of those to sketch my posts, alike the one you are reading now.

Most authors in this world , I suppose, get various unique thoughts blooming in their brain at certain times of their life or day and they pluck some of those to write their story or article.

Therefore, it may be not always bad to have racing of thought inside our mind. May be it’s the dawn of an author’s next best writing!