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  • Sumanta 12:01 PM on February 19, 2017 Permalink |
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    Rampage drivers to fly drones 

    I first heard about ‘Drones’ when I witnessed their use in warfare and spying, in television news. Then in movies and recently read in news websites about its potential usage for delivering courier or online shopping items to our doorsteps. Although, a lot of arguments are ongoing about the possible misuse of drones in freight of goods by online shopping companies, some are even imagining about its possible future use in daily commuting of humans.

    If drones are to be used in future for our daily commute to office, developing nations in particular will be benefitted, in my view. Why? Let’s discuss it in terms of a city like Mumbai in India, where roads are clogged up with suffocating traffic and where bike riders and three wheeler rickshaws are in a competition to prod their front wheel in every small gap they find in the heavy traffic to beat other vehicles in the race of reaching earlier to their destinations (however, unless you have been in such roads you can’t get the actual essence of it).

    Easiest way to travel in such traffic congested cities is through the railway, however the rails don’t propel you to every minuscule destinations beyond the capacity of its tract, and in most days during office hours you may prefer to avoid its hefty rowdy crowd. Since such cities are grossly unplanned and have no much space for new mega transport infrastructure to introduce, drones may be a sort of swift relief form the burly stifled crowd and may also serve as the fastest mode of transport in such busy metros. If drone technology keeps accelerating in the current pace in near future we might find such drones instigated for common man’s commuting. We might see structures like buses with four propellers at four corners of its roof being lifted up and moved on towards it destination.

    So much so is about use of drones for public transportation purposes. But if it gets allowed, which might eventually be someday, that any individual can own a drone and drive it like a cab or rickshaw for carrying passengers or like bikes or cars for personal usage, to reach their precise destinations, what will be its aftermath keeping in mind how real traffic situation is on the roads. Seeing the current reckless, mercy less, unorderly, chaotic and traffic law undermining driving of drivers in most major cities in metros of developing nations, it is quite horrible to even think about the probable rampage that can happen in the air when these set of drivers are permitted to fly drones.

    If you ever witnessed, some of the notorious vehicle-overcrowded traffic signals in cities of developing nations, you can find how almost every driver gets busy trying introducing the front part of their vehicle in every little space available on the roads worsening the jam to its zenith. And at the very split second the traffic signal becomes green the first row of traffic run in almost a windy speed as if they are chasing an Olympic medal to reach the next traffic signal. Simultaneously, in urban metropolitans of third world nations, its not uncommon to see the disrespect of drivers towards pedestrians, who just almost ram on pedestrians mercilessly and some even crawl up their vehicles on the pavement. To worsen the anguish of pedestrians further its not unusual to see pavements preoccupied by illegal constructions like shops or extension of houses, parked scooters, non tax paying street canines etc. On the other hand, some pedestrians are also blamable for their reckless traffic rule defying behaviors particularly while crossing roads with head phones plugged in their ears.

    So if such traffic law disobeying attitude drivers take up drone flyer’s control seat some unimaginable spectrum of consequences might pour in. To sketch few, some drone drivers my collide with sky scraping buildings (commonly found in metros of developing nations), while other might end up in drone-drone collision or alike aircraft crashes may plough into traffic beneath on the roads. A solution may be to introduce licensed pilots (truly licensed, unlike those driving licenses easily obtainable in some corruption corroded countries), like aircraft pilots. But a drawback of such commercial pilot recruitment might be the difficulty to monitor such huge pool of pilots, if drone are to used in future like bike, taxi, rickshaw or bus. However, if the drones are unmanned like those automated cars recently introduced by one of the famous internet search engine company an orderly drone traffic system may be possible to achieve.

    Now one can definitely rise a question, why am I targeting third world countries with stickers of rampage driving in traffic, aren’t there rash drivers in the developed nations. Yes in the later too we can find traffic law infringers, but there are certain concrete differences from the former to understand. In developed nations, primary reasons why the traffic is not most of the time clogged to such extremes as in third world’s urban roads are the better planned traffic handling, good road construction and mapping  and attitude of  majority of people to stick to traffic rules. Moreover, the CCTV’s are mostly fully functioning and are systematically monitored in the west, where a driver who violates traffic rule if caught on camera faces the legal consequences, which is not the case in developing nations till date, grossly.

    P.S. – This writing is based on the author’s individual observations, which is not necessarily true and agreeable to all.

  • Sumanta 9:28 PM on July 25, 2015 Permalink |
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    A hidden cause of traffic jam in Mumbai 

    If you are an inhabitant of the famous Indian city, Mumbai, you might have experienced the problem of getting stuck in traffic while traveling on the roads. Have you ever tried to explore the possible causes of it.

    This author understands that excessive number of vehicles that are parked along the roadsides is one of the important causes of slow traffic in various parts of Mumbai .

    Cars and scooters are found stranded all along the roadsides of various roads. Sometimes I doubt are these vehicles legally allowed to be kept alongside the roads or are the people who are responsible to take action against it are reluctant.

    Hope the people with legal authority to deal with this issue will someday scan these roads for these huge number of parked vehicles and take some action to decompress the suffocating traffic 🚥 jam, at least to some extent .

    • sandygaitonde 9:14 AM on July 19, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Mumbai Traffic will never improve as Mumbai is ruled by wrong people in traffic commissioner position with no experience and no concern for city. Basic traffic laws are not obeyed and people break signal all time and Mumbai traffic cops are busy making money on such people and what possibly they can do as they are loaded with burden of traffic with no by law enforcement support. Traffic JCP only sits in office and watch CCTV. Rickshaw drivers at so many places are running share passenger business by taking too much money for fare and sometimes not wearing uniforms and Police know very well about it and nothing gets done.
      If you want to go to Bandra Kurla complex from Bandra station you are charge to death. Andheri same story and Bandra west is worst for auto. Traffic Police knows all but they do not pay attention we all know why.One common man break red light or on phone by mistake or not wearing helmet then he is not spared but Auto person taking 5 people and going in wrong way is spared and that is Mumbai Traffic laws for you. Auto and Taxi go wherever they want to go. Common citizen is harassed but who cares about them.
      But by having negative people ruling top position in traffic its mere rhetoric and very slim chances that Mumbai situation will improve.
      Unless state government takes drastic steps on these issues.
      I am glad due to social media I am expressing my concern and voice up to you. I would like to thank Face Book for giving me this opportunity to speak my mind and fact.
      Sad part is Mumbai is still in same pathetic condition despite of good highway and more bridges due to growing population as well as Government giving blind eye to this beautiful cities traffic issues and these issues have been left up to certain people to handle who are not capable to handle them.
      Satyanand Gaitonde
      Jai Hind.


      • Dr. Sumanta Saha 4:34 PM on July 19, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Welcome Mr. Gaitonde at this blog and thanks for your wonderful comment. Overall you have nicely briefed the situation in Mumbai.

        In the monsoon things go much worse because of the potholes in the roads. I don´t totally blame the ground staff as responsible for the menace, although it is undoubtedly true that they are not doing their work with honesty and dedication and simultaneously don´t allow those with good will to do their work.

        This city will never be like Toronto or London, at least not in next 10 decades, you can bet on that.

        I have a strong feeling that its the politically elected people are the person´s who can only bring true change. Because when you whip from the top the lower level staff do their work properly and it has been evident in some of the Indian states where out of track new type of politicians have come up.

        Nevertheless, God bless India!


        • sandygaitonde 9:00 AM on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          Thank you very Dr Sumanta Saha for replying to my Blog what you say is absolutely correct. Unfortunately right now I am in Canada and will be visiting Mumbai by end of this year as in the meantime I am planning to go on Canadian Television channel and make you tube video as well as planning to have cruise conference lets see we will keep trying I emailed all the concern ministers but no one got back to me it is unfortunate I have so much expertise in traffic but people in ruling position do not wish to use my knowledge kindly stay connected with me and we will continue our social battle for our city and our country as once we implement in Mumbai we can go all over India it will take time I agree with you. But we can not give up.

          Jai Hind.


    • sandygaitonde 9:02 AM on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      It is difficult for me being Traffic expert in North america and my experience with Traffic to share with Mumbai police with their lack of knowledge in world traffic science. I tried my best with JCP Bharambe to explain few points and my research and study over the years in traffic. But I was not able to put point across as probably I was too intelligent to explain and my level of explanation was at very high level. I must use ground level with them next time.
      The Indian Road Situation- Research states that each day 1,400 new cars are added to the streets of Delhi alone and many more in Mumbai. Add to that the number of buses, autos and other commercial vehicles. Cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai have existed since colonial times, and there has been an exponential rise in their population post-independence. But owing to the pre-colonial infrastructure it’s not possible to give these cities a complete overhaul in terms of road infrastructure and mass transportation. Newer metropolises like Bengaluru and Hyderabad are already riddled with bad traffic. To manage the growing traffic, we need an intelligent traffic system with the help of traffic technology solutions that has already been adopted by various cities across the world.
      What is traffic intelligence and how’s the world benefiting from it- Traffic intelligence includes using technology for data collection, reducing congestion on the roads, road safety, road intersection control, sensors, smart signals and more.
      Manhattan is seeking to control its traffic situation with the help of Midtown in Motion, a traffic intelligence programmer that has wirelessly controlled traffic controllers installed at intersections. It will provide real time data and relay traffic data to the traffic management center with the help of field sensors, RFID readers and cameras.
      Michigan on the other hand is powered by a system called Intellistreets which is a wireless network of dimmable, programmable LED street lighting that offers road safety, traffic detection and energy conservation. The lamp poles are fitted with a microprocessor each so that they can operate independently and can route around a damaged unit. They also have cameras and sensors to monitor traffic flow. These LED lights can be programmed to show traffic warnings, directions to large crowds or advertisements.
      Now you tell me how I am going to implement all this Mumbai traffic and having ignorant and people with no experience in Commissioner chair.
      Jai Hind.

      This is also one of my blog which I am sending it to you Dr Saha


      • Dr. Sumanta Saha 6:45 AM on July 22, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hello, Mr. Gaitonde,

        It´s quite apparent that you have a huge knowledge about traffic system. I appreciate your enthusiasm to do something for your home country. Hope, the policy makers of this country also would have had thoughts alike yours.

        In my view, if you really want to bring change in this country, you probably have to consider to get elected politically, and if you can really flourish the assembly house with like minded good people than only implementing something new or amending something old is possible.

        Nevertheless, I don´t want to push your moral down, and wish you all the best with your goals to bring in the changes you dream for your homeland.

        Good luck!


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