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  • Sumanta 11:08 AM on April 21, 2018 Permalink |
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    Intestinal differences among developing and developed countries 

    People in developed nations generally have low diarrheal episodes due to fecal contamination than those of poorer nations due clean water and better sanitation.

    Interestingly this causes repeated attacks by enteric pathogens (microorganisms that commonly cause gut infection) related to faecal contamination in those living in countries vulnerable to poorer sanitation and hygiene. Such repeated infection changes the lining of the gut and leads to malabsorption related problem often known as tropical enteropathy. This condition causes alteration of immune system compromising with the functioning of oral vaccines’ and might cause oral vaccine failure (like cholera vaccine or rotavirus vaccine).

    Till date, not much is available to deal with tropical sprue, although improving sanitary situations might be a good option to prevent the problem happening in future.



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    Polio vaccine: oral or injection – by which route should it be given to the children? 

    Oral polio drops are most popular for its use in various immunization camps organized by various health organizations around the world, particularly in 3rd world nations. However, where economic constraints are not an issue polio vaccine injections are also used.

    The oral vaccine rarely causes vaccine associated paralytic polio, in view of which certain developed nations are not using oral polio vaccine anymore, instead using injectable polio vaccine.

    Another reason why some nations less prefer the oral polio vaccine is because of the risk of spreading of wild live polio viruses. Oral polio vaccine contains live polio viruses, whereas injectable ones contain killed dead polio viruses.

    In certain developing nations where injectable polio vaccine is given, advise is also given to get the oral vaccine too, as part of various polio irradication initiatives that are taken by various health organizations.

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    Pregnancy vaccines 

    Vaccines that are recommended in pregnancy include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, inactivated influenza vaccine and Tdap.

    Certain other vaccines are sometimes recommended depending on various health requirements of some individuals. 

    Vaccines should not be used) in pregnancy are mostly the live vaccines like MMR vaccine , live attenuated influenza vaccine (used as nasal spray), varicella vaccine, zoster vaccine, BCG vaccine etc.

    Recently another vaccine is making its place in the list of recommended vaccines for pregnant women, the whooping cough vaccine. (link)

    English: This is CDC Clinic Chief Nurse Lee An...

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    Cervix cancer, a death trap in developing nations 

    Cervical cancer is one of the deadliest cancer in women all over the world. It’s the second most common cause of cancer worldwide. About 80% (as of figures of 2008) of these cancers were from developing nations. However, the awareness and fear of this cancer don’t see to be that much in the remaining 20% of the world population. Today the author will try exploring the possible explanations of such ignorance of developing nations toward cervical cancer.

    Obviously the first cause we can think of, is the low education or lack of literacy, which prevent women to know about this cancer. In developing world many people know their relatives to died of cancer, although they might not be sure of what type of cancer was it. Next, is probably because of less discussion about this cancer in radio, television and other medias. Most emphasis is now given for HIV-AIDS. It seems like, problems that get more emphasis in west is more widely circulated in developing nations, although they might have some other equally serious health problem which don’t receive the attention (like mal nutrition in children).

    Another particular observation the author made in certain parts of developing nations is that the health care providers generally have a more pin pointed approach than a broad approach towards their patients. Let me explain, for example a young lady goes to a doctor for a fever and the whole advise and treatment commonly she will receive will be related to the main complain she came with. Most likely she will not be asked or informed about safe sex practices or what a pap test is and why should it be done etc. The author believes that whenever a patient visit to a health care provider they should be encouraged to talk and think about issues important for his or her particular age and sex besides the presenting complain of the patient.

    Interestingly many women in poor nations are not at all aware about the availability of vaccines against certain strains of human papilloma virus (HPV)which causes cervical cancer. Although these countries have a never changing fixed problem that they lack fund to provide these sort of costly vaccine to all (although the author don’t agree with this concept and believes misuse and corrupt use of funds creates artificial crisis which leads to deprivation of common man from good health care).

    At least in this circumstance they could have done one thing even there may be a lack of enough monetary resources to provide HPV vaccine to every one, i.e. making mass campaign to educate people about the importance of such vaccines. By doing so at least some people could have tried to save money and get the vaccine on their own because once people understand the importance of something for their good health they always tend to get it. Even affluent or middle class people who could have payed for the vaccine may not do it because they lack the necessary information. In terms of vaccines probably most campaigned in developing nations is the polio vaccine and that also supposedly due to international health agencies pressure and fund.

    All we can do is hope and pray for the wisdom of leaders of these nations to think seriously for their countrymen’s health. In these days if pap tests are used properly in time, many cervix cancer cases could have been detected much earlier and appropriate treatment can be given in time before it becomes too late. Therefore, little bit of increased attention towards mass campaigns may help save many women lives. Women in poor countries too deserve a good quality of life as enjoyed by their counterparts in rich nations.

    Gardasil vaccine and box

    Gardasil vaccine and box

    Views shared here are based on this blog author’s own perception about the subject. The author don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feeling in any form and if such happened unknowingly is purely coincidental and not intentional. Please cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. References- link

    • Merirei 7:53 AM on September 13, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I feel like they’re only *now* started to do any kind of public outreach and awareness work with cervical cancer here in Palau. And though I’m grateful that it’s finally happening– there’s still that voice in the back of my head yelling “TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!”


      • Dr. Sumanta Saha 3:41 PM on September 13, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hi Merirei,
        You are most welcome to this blog. It’s nice to know you enjoyed reading the post. Thanks for sharing the scenario at Palau. I understand the amount of dissatisfaction you have about the late introduction of it.
        In many developing and poor nations many people are not at all aware about pap screening, just merely because of inadequate campaigns done by these governments.
        Nevertheless, thanks again, for sharing your views.


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