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    WordPress spam commenters, recent stunts 

    If you are blogger, a common problem you may have faced, is the increasing number of spam comments on your blog. With my blogging experience on WordPress, I probably identified few spam stunts, which I am sharing here, for other bloggers, and specially those who have newly started blogging.

    If you don’t know what are spam comments, an easy dilution may be – these are unwanted promotional or unsafe comments received to blog posts or pages, just like junk or spam emails.

    If you don’t change the default spam comment prevention setting of WordPress blogs which are done via ‘Akismet’, they are quite helpful to block spam comments. My blog receives thousands of spam comments, and at the time of writing this post the figures are more than 5,380.

    The spam blocking software at WordPress probably detect spams by identifying too many links, on a particular comment. Such is quite obvious, because a spammer who is probably willing to promote his product or willing to risk your computer by virus threat, needs to send you a link, otherwise spamming might not make any sense. Like I know or you know, that too many links in a comment can detect a comment as spam comment, the spammers also have the same information, and therefore they are changing their spamming practices also.

    New spam comments, I detected on my blog are of following type, which didn’t get filtered by spam protecting software (reminds me that such software’s are man made, so man can bypass that)-

    1. the comments may not have any link, so they don’t look like spam comment, therefore the spam protecting software can’t detect it and it gets free entry in the blog (when your setting don’t moderate comments)
    2. sometimes such comments have an email address (in which commenter requests the reader to email)
    3. a query can haunt you if there is no link how can they promote their website or product, well they put their website address at the ‘comment form’ which any logged out user (i.e. non wordpress, twitter, google plus or facebook user) has to fillto comment. Interestingly the name of commenter is not like ‘Jon’ or ‘Sam’ rather it will be like ‘cheap pantaloons, click here’. This is one example, thousands of types of ‘commenters name’ are possible depending on their motive. As you click on the name of the commenter, they succeed to take you to their desired link.

    Finally, an all time famous character of spam comments- comments are loose type i.e. with no relation to the post or page to which they are commenting. In my blog I experience the following frequently- suppose a post is related to  a topic ‘cancer’ and the spam comment is like- ‘your blog is very attractive, I will refer to my friends…. buy cheap garments at 60% discount from rubbish.. .com’.

    If no one praises your blog, a spammer will always praise you, they always love you. Few samples of such ‘praise’ or ‘interest to your blog’ type comments from my experience can be like these-

    1. You have such a good blog, I want to follow you.
    2. Awesome writing, you explain thing so simply, I like to give you a follow
    3. Excellent post, I will refer your blog to my friends
    4. Can you refer me some good websites on this issue….
    5. I got problem while opening your blog can you look in to the matter
    6. Your blog is not displaying in google search, I can help you
    7. Finally if you are holding a domain account like .com etc. spammer says your SEO analysis is not effective or they can help you to increase your stats
    8. .
    9. .
    10. .
    11. ….. thousands more are possible, and sometimes hard to identify

    I received a funny spam comment I recall, ‘40,000 followers guaranteed, 30$ per month’. Isn’t’ that weird, like burger or pizza, follower counts are sold too.

    Spammers can be hackers, business promoters, criminally minded people and so on. If you are too young, a child, it’s wise to take your parental advise when you use blogs or emails or other social networking websites. Even for adults, who don’t have adequate knowledge about how to battle or deal with spam comments, may discuss issues with persons who hold enough experience or knowledge about computing and blogging.

    Hope the above experiences will help other bloggers to deal with spammers better.

    Wish you a happy and safe blogging!

    no spam!

    no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    • Renard Moreau 10:02 PM on November 5, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      [ Smiles ] The irony is, we expect Akismet to filter out the spam; however, a few of them do get through.

      You mentioned that you received a large volume of spam; if Akismet filtered them out, that’s great. Henceforth, spam shouldn’t be an issue.


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    Effects of social networking on human brain 

    In today’s era there is hardly an individual who probably don’t know about face-book. For many people today, these social networking sites are just like some other essential commodities for life like oxygen or water. In present day society, may be in office or a bus stop people seem to be hauled on to these websites. But have you ever wondered why or what make people so crazy about these websites.

    To answer it lets glue this fact with a little bit of human anatomy. Recently a paper possibly showed that a region in human brain called ‘nucleus accumbens’ is related to a person’s attraction to the such social networking pages. This particular region of our brain serve as reward center, when we are rewarded this center generally glows with happiness. After receiving positive responses on facebook this region becomes active. Those who get lot of positive feedback in face-book probably have more active nucleus accumbens.

    If you browse through most popular social networking websites you may find that they generally have ‘like’ or ‘favorite’ button only. Interestingly the ‘dislike’ type negative response buttons are disappearing from various social web pages and prime cause of such may be that these websites try to feed our reward centers only; because at the end of the day all that matters for a web hosting company is its ‘share prices’ and bucks and for that they need to please you. In real life too there are many individuals who are sensitive to or proud about how many likes they got for a particular facebook post, and invest significant amount of time to cherish.

    These are probably called ‘tech-health’ days.

    Position of the nucleus accumbens and Ventral ...

    Position of the nucleus accumbens and Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Please cross check information from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. References: link

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