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    Obesity in football fans 

    English: Ryan Valentine scores the goal that k...

    Did you ever wonder how sports fans can become fat? Here is something very interesting for sports loving people. Recent studies show that football lovers tend to eat a lot of high calorie sugary-junk food when the team they support loss the match. This is so probably because the fans want to heal their pain of loss by means of eating a lot of junk food. Therefore, such fans of teams which loss matches regularly are more prone to the risk of gaining weight, and this may lead to obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure etc. May a time come when simply by seeing the number of obese fans a team has in the football stadium gallery, one can predict how frequently that specific team football losses a match. Similarly, this should encourage football team coaches and players to win the matches rather than frequent losses, to keep their fans healthy, by keeping them away from such junk food habits.

    However, such high calorie diet consumption is probably not related to football team fans of the losing team only. In many other depressing instances too, like after getting a bad score in exams few people are prompted to eat such junk food in huge amounts, may be studies in future will unfold if such is also true and relevant.

    You may share your opinions below in the comments section. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Please cross check information from other sources too. Reference: link
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    Fecal therapy to treat obesity 

    Today, we will glance to something new about obesity. This stubborn problem seems like never solvable and many million dollar industries run all around the world just because of this one health problem. Currently in the market following are available- exercise tips and tools, slimming oil, slimming tea, slimming surgeries, slimming capsules and lot more.

    But something which is yet not available and may be introduced in future is probably stool transplant therapy. If you are wondering about what is that, here are some hints- doctor’s will take some of the faeces from a thin person and will introduce it into the gut of a fat person. Such may be done because, gut bacteria of a fat person is also alleged for his/her fatness. However, it’s not important immediately wether you are ready to take another person’s poop in your body or not, since the experiment is still in the level of mice in the laboratory, so it may take some time to finally get approved for humans, if at all it gets approval. In labs, mice received stool transplant from thin individuals and were fed with all sort of unhealthy junk food, but they didn’t become obese. It seems that thin people have good bacteria in their gut which are more efficient in handling body fat. Well, if you are obese you may have the right now to feel jealous on a thin guy eating in front of you, your favourite junk diets but gains little pounds just merely because of harbouring some good microbes.

    Picture of an Obese Teenager (146kg/322lb) wit...

    For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Please cross check information from other sources too. Reference: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/news/fullstory_140393.html
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    Water drinking and body weight control 

    List a range of activities you know, which are used to decrease body weight, before reading the post and try listing them and then check with the list provided below-

    1. Dietary changes
    2. Regular exercise
    3. Slimming tea
    4. Slimming pills
    5. Fat losing surgeries
    6. Sleeping hours modification

    Share if you have more in your list. However, none  would have listed water drinking as a method of weight loss. Actually studies have shown that water drinking can help control our body weight and avoid obesity and its complications. Possible ways may be like- water decrease hunger urge and we eat less. Another school of explanation is water itself extracts some amount of calories from our body and help reducing our calorie burden.

    While counting our daily water intake many of us tend to increase the count by adding various sweetened beverages like soft drinks. It’s noteworthy that such sweetened drinks instead will increase our body weight and make us more prone to diabetes like illnesses, since they contain a high amount of energy. So cutting down their consumption may be a wise and economically cheap investment for our health. On the other hand less water drinkers are prone to other health problems like kidney stones.

    Said the above although one shouldn’t take water drinking habits to an overhydration situation by consuming excessive water voluntarily in one go to reduce weight. It’s good to consume the required amount of water only. Water consumption requirement varies between two individuals based on their age, sex, physical exertion, perspiration etc. For best advices you may consult your healthcare provider to know appropriate water requirement for your body since there are health conditions which may limit an individual’s water consumption.

    This supplies Penang with fresh water for cons...

    For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider.   Please cross check information from other sources too.


    1. http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/early/2013/06/26/ajcn.112.055061,
    2. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/water/NU00283
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    Eating speed and body weight 

    Are you ever concerned about your eating speed? Yes talking of eating speed today a habit that might be unknowingly lessening the benefits of all your weight losing efforts. If you grew up in families where grandparent are part of your life you might have encountered such events when your grandparent asking you not to eat fast since you might choke. Well apart from choking risk fast eating habits can add additional pounds to your body weight.

    How? Let look first into what is normal to know how abnormal things affect us. Normally our stomach send signals to brain when we are fed enough to decrease the hungry feeling giving the feeling of satiety (i.e. feeling of fed, opposite of hunger). When we eat fast lot of food gets dumped (more than the requirement) in our stomach before the stomach can make sense that it’s full now so it takes more time to attain fulfillment of satiety and by virtue we eat more and add lot of extra pounds to our weight scale.

    Whereas if eat slowly the stomach gets time to inform the brain that you are full now and stop the hunger signal in time and contribute maintaining appropriate body weight. That was the simplest explanation I could frame. Nevertheless if you are worried that you are one those busy individuals who really don’t have time to seat and eat with time here is a small piece of suggestion which may be of worth- try keeping some low fat healthy food with you always and eat in small chunks, multiple times.

    Please cross check informations from other sources too. For all your health concerns please be guided by your healthcare provider. Reference-http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/7681458.stm

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