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    Why WordPress likes not reflecting in the stats? 

    If you are new in blogging world with WordPress, you might be astonished to find that you are not getting less number of views or visitors in stats section in comparison to the number of likes you are getting.

    It may happen that you received 30 likes in  a day but only 2 or 3 views at your stats section on the same day.

    How does such happens?

    There are 2 possibilities:

    One is that, may be that your readers of WordPress community are reading your blog from the readers section and they are not landing to your blog page directly for some reason (they may not feel interested to leave the reader’s page).

    A reader can like or comment to a post directly from the reader’s section and this don’t get reflected at your stats. Your stats will reflect only when someone visits your blog page directly but not through the reader

    Second possibility is (according to this author’s opinion based on 2-3 years experience with WordPress) to popularize one’s own blog or website, the promotional bloggers of companies or brands or individual businessman might keep liking others posts. They do so simply to come into notice of other bloggers.

    This practice is probably more common with blogs dealing with health and fitness related stuff. They promote various health solutions and one most commonly encountered is weight loss related blogs and websites. When you get such a like you will probably take a look into their blog or website, which suffices their purpose.

    During initial days of blogging these ‘likes’ we receive might give a feeling of warmth that so many people appreciated the post. But if you scan bit vigilantly you may find that you are actually receiving false or spam likes who are not interested in your content but want to draw your attention to their blog or website.

    Liking don’t really require much effort, simply using the WordPress readers section one can like hundreds of posts in minutes. Rather, constructive meaningful comments are trustworthy, they need little bit of effort and articulation of thought, which can show true interest of your reader.

    Blogging is all about people and spammers should not be welcomed.

    Have a nice day. Enjoy blogging!

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    Why do people blog? 

    Why did I plan to write this post? It’s because of one of the causes why I prefer to blog, simply to acquire some peace of mind.

    Peace of mind is something that an individual can derive from a wide variety of things like watching movies, listening to music, talking to persons we like to talk with, writing a story, eating their favorite food etc. Many people derive pleasure through their writings and then sharing it with others, as I am doing with you now.

    There are certain thoughts which we perceive inside ourselves and are best narrated to the external world via writing, a silent way of expressing the beauty of our minds. Blog writing serves this purpose largely. In certain emotional situations specially at times when we are sad, blogging becomes our only friend which painstakingly listens to every cry of our heart. At my childhood days, when computer or blogging would not have been this popular as today, we had to note the fragments of our emotions in a piece of paper that always had chance to get lost or worn out. Simultaneously, it was not possible to share with our well wishers, unlike blog writing.

    Besides providing comfort to our feeling, writing in a blog also helps to discover many hidden writers who would otherwise not dare to write an article. I feel if the current day technology was present when Shakespeare did his writings, the world would have got few more good authors like him. In the current time blogging has given the chance to many less popular authors to show their creative work. Even a non-professional writer becomes courageous to write and weigh his writing by sharing his written craft with the real world. Readers can be reached much easily than before, thanks to the latest technology of internet and blogging. (More …)

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    Soaring stats on your wordpress blog 

    If you are an old, experienced and successful blogger, this post might not make much sense to you, however those new in blogging business hopefully will find this post interesting. As a juvenile blogger your most visited page will probably be your stats page where you might want to look for the number of visitors who read your post.  But your stats might not soar initially and just don’t give up easily. Here are my experiences below.

    The blog which you are reading now is one year old. I could’t write much during the initial 3 to 4 months because it took me time to learn blogging and had lot of other jobs so couldn’t arrange enough time to write in the blog.

    I seriously started writing from the fifth month on-wards, and with in the next six to seven months I experienced a gentle Tsunami in my blog stats with maximum 1,555 visits in a day, that’s the max till now. Hope my readers will break it and make it to 2000 someday.

    However, I am not happy with my follower count its just more than 300, over this one year period (may be because everyone don’t like following via email, and follow via RSS, which don’t get reflected as follower count). At the time of this writing, total reading count of this blog is 9,877.

    In my initial few months of my blogging, when I use to read in various WordPress forums that people get 4oo or 600 visits a day in their blogs, I use to feel, either they are lying or I am an inefficient blogger. The internal fight in me always use to continue when I use to get 5 or 10 visitors a day, and in many days there were no one to read my blog.

    So, I will advise, don’t get depressed if your stats are too poor at your initial few months of blogging, you are probably not the only person to experience such and honestly speaking it takes time. So here I will try to list some points which are based on my blogging experience and which I believe will help to soar your stats (although can’t promise it):

      1. When you blog DON’T focus on stats, instead focus on sharing good material that will get your readers interest.
      2. Think, if you were the reader of someone else’s blog, what would you have expected, probably others will expect the same from you.
      3. Focus on your blog’s context. If you are writing for a particular group of people probably your stats will not get flooded, unless your group is too large or group members are too much interested for your blog as they are for Facebook or Google. So, in my opinion writing for a larger group of population will help to increase your readership, but you have to decide about it.
      4. When writing, take care of being generalized. Which means write in common mans language, preferably in a lucid form so that it suits the taste of all sort of readers irrespective to their educational status.

    One suggestion, WordPress staff suggest I found, i.e. to comment on others blog to bring them back to your blog. May be they have tested this theory, however I don’t think it is that important, however you can give a try.

    Grammar droplets!

    1. When you write you really don’t require to have a very good grammar, but take care of it. Try reading your post yourself at least once, if you find the writing has a flow and communicates your views effectively, nothing more is probably required. But spelling error free and grammatically correct writing are in general impressive.

    One more thing you may take care of while writing your post is, to avoid telegraphic message. I think short hands are better avoided, try writing full words. If you read any big journal or website you will see that they use full words instead of casual short forms that we use sometimes for text messaging. For example, it’s better to avoid ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ in your blog post. It makes your post casual, at least to me.

    Furthermore, its important I think, to show respect or honor to your reader. What I mean by that is if someone comments on your blog, try replying them in formal welcoming manner, it honors the reader. When I commented on certain blogs that responded to my comment it helped me to make a bond with that blog and revisited them in hunt of their new content. One good commenting experience I recall on another person’s blog is here – http://lifeshappyrants.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/can-you-guess-what-book-this-is/. But there are some popular blogs which don’t always feel to reply back, not sure why, narcissism or ignorance, I generally don’t visit them back.

    Although you can blog on any content of your wish, adult contents or age restricted stuff are generally less praised in the blogger’s world. Suppose, you are displaying sexually explicit contents or contents related to brutality like chopping a limb video of a man, may be you will have bunch of folks to peep in to that, but less likely such blog will be friendly to most communities or family members. I will definitely not want my child to read it. So be realistic. You can post anything, but it don’t guarantee to create hunger in all.

    Blogging, a reflection of your mood

    Lastly, writing is an art and it flows along with our mood. So instead of sitting to write for the purpose of writing, you may write when you feel the urge to write. For instance, while cooking your daily meal a new thought may click in your brain and you may feel an internal outcry to share that with others, now when you sit to write your writing will burst out with all your internal beauty of expression. That is probably what blogging is all about, freedom of writing with no rule and no boundary (however, please don’t hurt or harm others intentionally).

    Hope these experiences of mine will help you get a better stats. Your stats will flourish with time, just have patience and focus on writing and communicating effectively with your readers. In my opinion, shortcuts don’t sustain long, like frequently liking others posts even without reading them at all  or too many ping backs to bring traffic. You can trick once, not every time.

    So the BOTTOM LINE is that, blogging is all about people, like democracy. As long you respect your readers, no matter how good or bad your writing is your readers will be with you. Honesty matters, everywhere, even for effective blogging.


    • Prinze Charming 8:47 AM on January 23, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I completely agree with everything here. Passion in your work will show throughout your posts and in return will engage others to engage WITH others. The best publicity is word by mouth. If you feel the need to make everything personal, like a diary, try to make it professional and interesting. Thanks for sharing.


    • kahyehm 7:18 AM on January 24, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Thank you for mentioning my blog, it means so much to me when people appreciate my thoughts, you are right with your pointers, especially not thinking about your stats, because that will come later. Actually, the only thing that I obsess about my stats is where you can see which countries your visitors are from, that one’s awesome, don’t you think?! 


      • Dr. Sumanta Saha 8:12 AM on January 25, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Thanks Kahyehm, for your lovely sharing.
        Yes, the country wise visitor stats is really interesting.
        I see names of few nations which I have never heard of before, and sometimes I take a look in to the map, to see where those nations are located, one way helps improving my geography I believe.


    • Sara Jo Blevins 10:51 PM on April 25, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I think you are spot on about honoring content above focusing on numbers. Excellent advice for those of us struggling as we start out. Glad I found this post, I found it encouraging.


    • Nonye (Theperegrine) 7:06 AM on May 2, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      You are right about everything especially showing respect to the reader. However stats matter to me more because its encouraging to see that people from different parts of the world have actually read from you. Thanks for this post!


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      Thanks for sharing!


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    Zemanta not working on WordPress blogs anymore 

    If you found your blog is not working with Zemanta image and referencing system, you are probably not alone. It was a true handy way to blog, however it’s removed. While searching the cause I found the following information in a WordPress forum (thought sharing it will be of worth):

    On January 2nd, 2014 we’re removing our third-party integration with Zemanta, which added some tools like a manual related content tool, and suggestions for tags and images.

    Our goal is to provide the best, most transparent, editing experience and, for a variety of reasons, felt that it was needed to develop our own tools internally. To that end, we’re working on improving our editor to incorporate some of this functionality natively within WordPress.com. Some features, like related posts, are already there.

    In the meantime, we encourage you to use our own Related Posts feature, and for images, check out our list of websites that provide free images, videos, books, and other content for your blogs.

    via Removing Zemanta integration « WordPress.com Forums.

    In the mean time I found few interesting links that you might find helpful in this regard:

    1. http://en.support.wordpress.com/add-media/finding-free-images-and-other-media/
    2. https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/29508?hl=en (handy one I think)

    I particularly find the deficiency of auto tag suggestions, quite mourning. Hope, WordPress team will not depress their users and definitely bring something interesting and enjoyable as alternative.

    • Mihir Nayak, MA 2:23 PM on January 22, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply


      I was searching for why WordPress.com doesn’t have Zemanta integration anymore and I found this blog post.

      I seriously thought that the Zemanta integration was one of the best things about WordPress.com and I dont really understand why WordPress would do something like this without offering a decent alternative of their own !!!



      • Gallery 3:01 PM on January 22, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hi Mihir,

        What I understood is the WordPress team is trying to develop similar features of their own. But when such tool will be available, no idea.

        Zemanta was a handy tool indeed.




        • Mihir Nayak, MA 4:12 PM on January 22, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

          So they say.

          But what I dont understand is why pull Zemanta before a WordPress alternative is in place ???

          They offer Related Posts (but only to WordPress blogs). What use is that to anyone except WordPress ???

          And what about tags ?? I really miss tags 😥


          • Gallery 5:05 PM on January 22, 2014 Permalink | Log in to Reply

            Yes, you pointed out correctly, Mihir.
            Automatic tagging was really a smooth tool. Blogging was fine and cool with auto-tagging.
            Unfortunately, its not available.
            Probably, every blogger who used those tools are missing it.


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    Should Wordpress add a ‘view count’ button beneath each of its blog posts? 

    Today, WordPress is famous a blogging platform that have won millions of hearts of readers and bloggers. I personally love it too. However, there are certain things which can be done to improve its services for a better blogging experience for its bloggers and their readers. Here in this post this author will try to draw attention to one such feature that this author feels required to be added to the WordPress posts.

    Till the current time, beneath each of the posts that we create in the WordPress sites have following options only sharing, liking, rating, commenting and re-blogging. Most other blogging services too provide alike features. But are this features enough for a alien reader to a particular post to judge how much popular a particular post is among its readers.

    WordPress ‘like’ buttons don’t mean much probably, because it don’t count the logged out users, and not always a word press reader takes the burden to hit the ‘like button’ despite liking a particular post. And at certain times reader can simply like just by seeing fragment of a post in the ‘Reader’ section of the WordPress. Same is for rating system, we don’t always give our time in rating a post, we read and simply move on. Commenting and re-blogging is also a reader specific act, we don’t take part in this features always and even if we do it don’t necessary mean the post if largely popular.

    Finally, are the sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., which too depend on the mercy on the readers, if they would like to share it with others or not. In the current time sharing feature is misused largely by distributing every small piece of info we find in the web and currently many of us don’t always eagerly hop in to see the latest link shares we received on the social networking sites, unlike the beginning of ‘sharing era’ when Facebook and twitter were born. Therefore, share-count of a post probably don’t mean much in the recent time, at least for blogs. I regularly surf hundreds of pages per day on the web and rarely use share buttons, maximum I would share one or two very interesting or important links via email or by whats-app.

    But how about a ‘view count’ feature after a post (i.e. how many times a particular post was viewed by the readers). Have you ever thought of a feature like that. It is the raw data about a posts popularity and may be an useful tool to get some idea about a post’s popularity. Currently, the statistics of a post is only available to the author or the owner of the blog. It would probably be nice if WordPress team considers adding a small application like ‘view count’ under each blog post, so that the readers can get an direct idea of the popularity of a post. An option should also be kept to disable such a feature for authors/bloggers who don’t want it. This author would vote for such a feature if brought in by the WordPress team. Total stats, only says about the popularity of a blog but not of the individual blog posts.

    Gracious !

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    Wordpress spam commenters, recent stunts 

    If you are blogger, a common problem you may have faced, is the increasing number of spam comments on your blog. With my blogging experience on WordPress, I probably identified few spam stunts, which I am sharing here, for other bloggers, and specially those who have newly started blogging.

    If you don’t know what are spam comments, an easy dilution may be – these are unwanted promotional or unsafe comments received to blog posts or pages, just like junk or spam emails.

    If you don’t change the default spam comment prevention setting of WordPress blogs which are done via ‘Akismet’, they are quite helpful to block spam comments. My blog receives thousands of spam comments, and at the time of writing this post the figures are more than 5,380.

    The spam blocking software at WordPress probably detect spams by identifying too many links, on a particular comment. Such is quite obvious, because a spammer who is probably willing to promote his product or willing to risk your computer by virus threat, needs to send you a link, otherwise spamming might not make any sense. Like I know or you know, that too many links in a comment can detect a comment as spam comment, the spammers also have the same information, and therefore they are changing their spamming practices also.

    New spam comments, I detected on my blog are of following type, which didn’t get filtered by spam protecting software (reminds me that such software’s are man made, so man can bypass that)-

    1. the comments may not have any link, so they don’t look like spam comment, therefore the spam protecting software can’t detect it and it gets free entry in the blog (when your setting don’t moderate comments)
    2. sometimes such comments have an email address (in which commenter requests the reader to email)
    3. a query can haunt you if there is no link how can they promote their website or product, well they put their website address at the ‘comment form’ which any logged out user (i.e. non wordpress, twitter, google plus or facebook user) has to fillto comment. Interestingly the name of commenter is not like ‘Jon’ or ‘Sam’ rather it will be like ‘cheap pantaloons, click here’. This is one example, thousands of types of ‘commenters name’ are possible depending on their motive. As you click on the name of the commenter, they succeed to take you to their desired link.

    Finally, an all time famous character of spam comments- comments are loose type i.e. with no relation to the post or page to which they are commenting. In my blog I experience the following frequently- suppose a post is related to  a topic ‘cancer’ and the spam comment is like- ‘your blog is very attractive, I will refer to my friends…. buy cheap garments at 60% discount from rubbish.. .com’.

    If no one praises your blog, a spammer will always praise you, they always love you. Few samples of such ‘praise’ or ‘interest to your blog’ type comments from my experience can be like these-

    1. You have such a good blog, I want to follow you.
    2. Awesome writing, you explain thing so simply, I like to give you a follow
    3. Excellent post, I will refer your blog to my friends
    4. Can you refer me some good websites on this issue….
    5. I got problem while opening your blog can you look in to the matter
    6. Your blog is not displaying in google search, I can help you
    7. Finally if you are holding a domain account like .com etc. spammer says your SEO analysis is not effective or they can help you to increase your stats
    8. .
    9. .
    10. .
    11. ….. thousands more are possible, and sometimes hard to identify

    I received a funny spam comment I recall, ‘40,000 followers guaranteed, 30$ per month’. Isn’t’ that weird, like burger or pizza, follower counts are sold too.

    Spammers can be hackers, business promoters, criminally minded people and so on. If you are too young, a child, it’s wise to take your parental advise when you use blogs or emails or other social networking websites. Even for adults, who don’t have adequate knowledge about how to battle or deal with spam comments, may discuss issues with persons who hold enough experience or knowledge about computing and blogging.

    Hope the above experiences will help other bloggers to deal with spammers better.

    Wish you a happy and safe blogging!

    no spam!

    no spam! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    • Renard Moreau 10:02 PM on November 5, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      [ Smiles ] The irony is, we expect Akismet to filter out the spam; however, a few of them do get through.

      You mentioned that you received a large volume of spam; if Akismet filtered them out, that’s great. Henceforth, spam shouldn’t be an issue.


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